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Lea Maa’s age

Lea Maas Alter -The second episode of “Young, Female, Boss!” quickly sums up what happened. Because the focus of the show was more on personal destinies than on startups. Unfortunately, on Monday night, anyone hoping to learn something for their own business was disappointed. What exactly does Jette Joop do?

Cita and Lea Maass’ initial difficulties have changed dramatically since their inception, and that’s still true today. In the previous episode, RTL 2 and Cita celebrated their 30th birthday in Mallorca, but the good times are now over. After being together for 3.5 years, her boyfriend broke up with her.

Cita says into a private camera, the recordings of which she made available to RTL 2: “And now it doesn’t matter anymore.” Completely understandable. Everyone understands the pain of a broken heart, but her sister is currently unsure how to launch her own plus size brand.

The balance between Cita and Lea has gotten completely out of control. The girls should now follow this idea and they are also very enthusiastic about it, but it will require a complete overhaul of their current business. To do this, they invited an experienced business expert from the lifestyle industry. It even explains the most basic concepts to you.

For example, the homepage does not contain any spelling mistakes. Incredibly, she found 21 on the forehead. It also seems excessive to spend 17,700 euros a year on flights to Asia to check with his brother and father that production standards are respected. You can’t afford it. She makes a sad smiley on a sheet of paper to show how she feels about it.

For Business Dummies In this episode, the girls show a lot of sentimentality. One will cry from time to time, the other too. Christina rejects the idea of ​​Kraulsalon because everything seems a bit too much for her right now. Christina Volmari is also stuck on her plan to build a crawl space where men, women and children can recharge their romantic batteries. She realizes the truth after taking her friends for a mock exercise crawl. Thankfully, at least one of the pals was being sincere when he or she said, “That’s not Christina at all. You’re not waiting for customers to walk into a salon and standing there.”

I am Christina Volmari, a 37 year old biological mother of a biological daughter and two sons. My husband and I live with our three children in Patchwork. I have always had a vision, traveled a lot and fulfilled many dreams. I want to show now that every woman can be successful.

Lea Maa’s age

With my joy and my enthusiasm I will also be able to convince other women. Every woman’s dream should come true. My goal is to make this world beautiful without jealousy or anger. The symbol of the Queen of Peace is queenpeace. Every queen wears a crown, but mine is a turban made from a towel.

I am a woman, therefore I am the queen, not to rule but to demonstrate that women in positions of authority would not abuse their status. I want to show that women are capable of creating beautiful things and negotiating fair contracts. No fine print for everyone to understand.

I make clothes from used clothes, leftovers and towels. I will start with my range of “Klatsch Nass” bags and my “Terry Hood”. The definition of “gossip wet” comes from the English name for the bag pouch. Since a towel is soaked, “Klatsch Nass” seemed like the perfect name for my first collection. matched with the towel.

I design clothes because looking good is fun. Even though many designers are currently looking for ideas and the quality is dropping, fashion never stops. Fashion is rarely comfortable, but terry is another absolute comfort. My goal is to improve the planet every day. For this reason, I want to make clothes durable. My goal is to continue to be attractive, cozy and sustainable. Succession is also part of my vision. Realize all the wonderful things you are capable of when your head is on.

Standing in front of the camera is different from watching TV curled up on the couch. How did you find the filming and production of the documentary itself? The film crew was unique each year. I always wanted to appear real and sincere; it was crucial for me from the start. I kept doing things like that.

Even if things didn’t go as planned, in the end everything always had a reason. The act of filming is stimulating and exciting at the same time. Since most women are afraid to follow their passions, I wanted to inspire other women and mothers. I have never seen anything like it; Instead, I am constantly chasing and achieving my dreams. I think I did well.

Why should viewers tune in on August 6? From August 6, there will finally be a new female power. It shows that we could fulfill our duties without fear, jealousy and anger. We have all achieved our goals, living our dreams. No matter what happens, we stuck together and just made it happen.

Each helps the other succeed. The success of others is not obscured by my success. Girl power, that… We have shown that it is possible to reconcile children and work without having to give up both. We serve as role models for other women who are still dreaming and who will soon wake up to finally realize their dream. We not only show our professional personality; we also show our emotions, our worries, our joys, our tears and our girl power. We are the real managers.

Lea Maa’s age

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