Kim Kardashian denies plastic surgery rumors

Nose surgery, lip injections, cheek padding: Kim Kardashian would have undergone a few interventions. All nonsense, as she now claims.

Kim Kardashian is a beauty reference for many women around the world. In the past, there have been rumors about what is still natural on the 41-year-old’s face and where it is believed that help has been given. In an interview with the American magazine “Allure”, the reality TV star, however, denied any facial surgery.

Kim Kardashian openly admits that she recently injected “a little Botox” above her eyebrows. However, she now uses the nerve agent less than in the past. She has no fillers with hyaluronic acid on her face. When asked if her cheeks or lips hadn’t been filled, she replied, “No fillers. I’ve never used them, ever.” She has never had elongated eyelashes.

“I always wanted to look appropriate”

Still, she admits that looking good is really important. “I probably care about over 90% of the people on the planet,” she admits. As a mother, it’s not easy to make the time for this. From then on, the mother of four took care of her evening beauty routine. “Once everyone is in bed, I do laser treatments,” she reveals.

This is what Kim Kardashian looked like 16 years ago. (Source: Getty Images)

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