Katja Burkard didn’t want to ask for marriage

Katja Burkard has been with her partner for 24 years. A wedding would actually be overdue, but the presenter didn’t want to propose. Why?

RTL presenter Katja Burkard has had a happy family life for many years. She has been in a relationship with her companion, the Austrian journalist Hans Mahr, for 24 years. The couple have two children. But the two never married. The 57-year-old revealed why in the new episode of people magazine “Gala” on RTL.

Hans Mahr and Katja Burkard: The two have been together for 24 years. (Source: SKATA/imago-images-pictures)

She and her partner “ran out of time to get married at some point,” she tells presenter Annika Lau. Seven years ago, however, the app almost saw the light of day, Burkard thinks. On her 50th birthday, she felt that Mahr wanted to make a public marriage proposal to her. But she didn’t want that: “I told her, ‘Please don’t do this.’ I really think it’s so bad […].”

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