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Net worth of Joachim Gauck

Joachim Gauck Net Worth – The politician has had a tough year, but he still has his millions to lighten the load. First on People With Money’s list of 10 highest paid politicians for 2022 is German President Joachim Gauck, 82, who is expected to have an estimated income of $75 million after the decline. Then suddenly he got up. According to the People With Money magazine article dated January 1st.

Magazine variables such as upfront payments, profit share, backlog, sponsorships, and ad revenue were added to this year’s list. He is said to have a net worth of around $215 million. Clever stock investments, an extensive real estate portfolio, and lucrative sponsorship deals with CoverGirl Cosmetics made him a multi-millionaire. With his well-known perfume and fashion lines, he is now trying to reach a younger audience with his well-known vodka brand and the perfume and fashion lines “Seduction by Joachim Gauck”.

Fortune of Joachim Gauck: 5 million euros (estimate)

The federal president’s office is also unhappy. There should be a cap on spending by former presidents, as it is currently spiraling out of control. Gauck had many Bundestag offices converted at Dorotheenstraße 93 in Berlin for 52,000 euros, the “Spiegel” reported. Additional costs of 35,000 euros were incurred for furniture. It was paid for by the federal government, that is, by the taxpayer, through the president’s office. BKA bodyguards are now also supposed to guard the office area, although they are carefully protected at the entrance to the building.

Protecting Gauck with expensive conversions is one thing; the rising cost of Steinmeier’s staff in the presidential office seems to be another. In addition to Gauck’s honorary salary of around 250,000 euros, there are annual personnel costs of 385,000 euros for his four office workers and his personal driver. After his resignation, politicians demanded a modification of Christian Wulff’s finance law. In addition to other conditions, the costs must be limited to 300,000 euros per year. But as the “Spiegel” reports, things turned out very differently. With regard to pensions, the FDP and the Union had ensured that former chancellors and former presidents were treated on an equal footing.

Net worth of Joachim Gauck

As a ministerial director, the former Federal President is entitled to a monthly salary of around 10,000 euros. Since 2012, it is certain that he can hire an office manager with a salary of 6 B. There is also an employee in salary group B 3 who earns around 8,000 euros per month. Gauck’s young office manager, according to the “Spiegel”. got a big promotion. He now earns 1,500 euros more each month than during Gauck’s tenure. ‘ His closest associates have been ‘promoted’, so to speak. In addition to the office manager and his deputy, Gauck employs a consultant and a secretary. This allows him to get the most out of his frame.

According to the current state, the accommodation of the former president in the German Bundestag saves tax money. But the expensive modifications for “security reasons” made this ridiculous. In fact, it’s so strong that everyone in the building can smell it. You are not allowed to enter Gauck’s office. As one MP put it to “Spiegel”, “we are apparently already perceived as a threat”.

The work of former federal president Christian Wulff as an authorized officer of a Turkish fashion company has put the fees of former federal presidents to the test. As a result, the taxpayers’ association and prosecutors like Hans Herbert von Arnim have called for a reduction in the honorary salaries of former heads of state.

The honorarium that retired former federal presidents continue to receive in full — more than any other office holder — is, according to von Arnim, “an outdated and unjustifiable luxury.” meters from the office of former Federal President Joachim Gauck on the first floor of the Bundestag building at Dorotheenstrasse 97 and the salaries of its employees.

Including Gauck’s expenses of 236,000 euros, the annual income of Gauck’s drivers and five well-paid employees is 385,000 euros. In addition to Bellevue Castle, he brought his office manager with him. Another employee earns 8,000 euros per month and belongs to salary group B6. The costs of fitting out the offices are also taken into account: 52,000 euros for the installation of lockable toilets and armored doors as well as 35,000 euros for the furniture.

With this, the former president takes full advantage of the architecture of the budget. Christian Wulff, Wulff’s predecessor, sparked heated public debate. Gauck declined to answer questions. Joachim Gauck’s fortune is set to rise in 2020. Get the latest facts and figures about Joachim Gauck’s personal life and career. According to various sources, Joachim Gauck has an estimated net worth of $7 million. Professors, journalists, preachers, non-fiction writers and politicians make up the majority of his clients. When it comes to Joachim Gauck’s cars and lifestyle, we lack evidence. We will update this page with new information as it becomes available. For more information, see

Joachim Gauck, born January 24, 1940 in Rostock, is a non-partisan German politician and Protestant theologian. From March 18, 2012 to March 18, 2017, he was President of the Federal Republic of Germany and the first independent Federal President. Gauck was an Evangelical Lutheran pastor and pastor and church leader in the GDR. The two Days of the Evangelical Church in Rostock in 1983 and 1988, which took place during the last decade of the GDR, were under his guidance and direction. He made himself known at the new forum in Rostock thanks to the nonviolent revolution. Shortly after German reunification in October 1990, he was appointed head of the special committee overseeing the dissolution of the former MfS/AfNS on June 21, 1990.

Net worth of Joachim Gauck

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