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Yeah Gerner dead

Jo Gerner Tot – ‘Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten’ is one of the most popular daily soap operas on German television. For the past 30 years, the soap opera has aired five times a week before prime time. The full anniversary episode has it all: does series veteran Jo Gerner really die on the show? The entire episode is now available in the RTL media library. Action, thrills and lots of drama.

The episode of the RTL series “GZSZanniversary” has it all. Die-hard “GZSZ” fans are irritated by the 30th anniversary trailer. Did veteran Jo Gerner die in the series – and did he say goodbye to the cult soap opera “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” after 29 years?

Jo Gerner, played by Wolfgang Bahro, is the main character of the anniversary episode, which will be broadcast in full Thursday at 7:40 p.m. The confrontation between the famous serial lawyer Gerner and his great rival Bajan Linostrami. The power struggle between Gerner and Linostrami had recently progressed so far that Gerner considered kidnapping his daughter Miriam as a last resort to pressure his opponent.

Gerner leaves after Linostrami shoots his own daughter and uses a fake video to frame Gerner for the murder. The evidence against the lawyer being overwhelming, he hopes to find proof of his innocence by escaping. While Gerner’s wife, Yvonne Bode, fears her husband is a serial killer, only Katrin Flemming keeps her former confidant and business partner. “I would believe Jo if he stood in front of me and said that wasn’t him,” Flemming said at the start of the trailer.

Gerner is also shown in the opening credits fleeing from Linostrami’s henchmen. The getaway car also catches fire and the lawyer’s family cries at a funeral. But what do these scenes mean? Is Gerner a serial killer? Is the Lovely series really out?

This is how actor Wolfgang Bahro imagined Jo Gerner’s final scene. Hardly any “GZSZ” character has died as often as the bullshit ex, who has gotten a little softer over the years. It’s no wonder, then, that 61-year-old actor Wolfgang Bahro has been pondering his exit strategy for some time. “I would like Gerner to take his yacht out into the sunset.” The yacht then explodes.

In an interview with the German press, Bahro, who has been with “GZSZ” since episode 185, remarks, “Everyone thinks Gerner is dead.” But like a character who was buried alive and survived, the story wasn’t quite so over. here. “Then you see a periscope emerge from the water and you realize Gerner escaped in a submarine. The viewer then thinks, ‘So he did it again.’

Is everything different now? Was Jo Gerner last seen ‘alive’ in the Daily Soap on Thursday? There is a spoiler ahead! Bajan’s nemesis Linostrami attempts to capture Jo Gerner, who has gone into hiding to gather evidence of his innocence. He threatens Gerner with pictures of his wife Yvonne to pressure him into finding Gerner.

Linostrami also threatened Yvonne’s daughter, Laura, telling her she had to help stab Gerner. Laura answers the phone when Gerner calls Yvonne to see if everything is okay. She arranges a meeting with Gerner to deliver him to Linostramin’s bat. Gerner takes off when he recognizes the situation. An exciting and dangerous chase begins.

Yeah Gerner dead

Gerner walks away first, gets shot, then stops a hearse and continues with it. The getaway car eventually bursts into flames as seen in the trailer. According to everyone involved, Jo Gerner is dead. A medical examiner confirms that the remains of the lawyer are in the car. Grieving relatives. However, the public does not have to assume for long that Gerner perished.

At Leon Moreno on the Baltic Sea, the series veteran shows up badly injured and asks for help. Jo Gerner and his accomplice Katrin Flemming only claimed that the lawyer was dead. Gerner placed the body in the hearse behind the steering wheel of the getaway car just before it caught fire. Katrin Flemming, his confidante, also bribed a coroner and the undertaker who had previously driven the hearse.

Finally, Johanna Gerner and Katrin Flemming as well as Jo Gerner, Katrin Flemming and Leon Moreno are informed that their father is still alive. Katrin Flemming and her daughter play grieving parents at the funeral. Both feel like Jo Gerner is on his way to Montevideo to start a new life as agreed. Jo Gerner, on the other hand, wouldn’t be Jo Gerner if he didn’t attend his own funeral. So he abruptly changes his intentions, observes the grief and decides to continue his search for evidence against Linostrami.

Even if Gerner does not die a spectacular death in series, the anniversary episode ends in style: Jo Gerner reappears and, with the help of other characters of the series, condemns the sworn enemy during an event organized by “YvoMed”, who called Gerner to help see his blind wife again. Plus, the 30th anniversary episode had a few surprises that even longtime fans of the show might not have expected. The entire anniversary program is now available in RTL’s media collection.

Yeah Gerner dead

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