Jessica, the fattest child in the world

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Jessica, the fattest child in the world

World’s Fattest Child Jessica -Jessica the World’s Fattest Child died from 2009 to 2012 on Kabel Eins, 2013 on Saturday 1 and 2014 was re-aired on Kabel Eins mesmerizing title. Sat.1 Gold airs newly edited versions of previously aired episodes.

There is a documentary series called The World’s Closest Relatives, which aired from 2009 to 2012 on Kabel Eins, 2013 on Sat.1 and 2014 again on Kabel Eins
Old episodes of The Strictest Parents in the World Special were re-edited and aired on Saturday 1. UK production company GoldTwentyTwenty Television came up with the idea for the show originally developed for the BBC.

Known as The World’s Strictest Parents, the BBC-produced show was also broadcast in America. In China, two young people challenge authority: Natalie has a bad attitude, is lazy and likes to smoke, drink and take drugs. An Islamic family in Kashgar, China’s remote and isolated Kashgar province, taught child terrorists a lesson in humility, hard work and no extra travel.

Natalie and Jan enter a new era of suffering. Natalie on the left is a slut and a slut, as well as an alcoholic, a cigarette smoker and a drug addict. Second from the left, Jan, is a chain smoker who places little value on his education. The Uyghur Muslim Thoti family read the records of the riots to child terrorists in faraway Kashgar, China.

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Jessica, the fattest child in the world

an official mark of the Wikipedia Foundation, Inc. is “Wikipedia”. A Hamburger Abendblatt article from March 2, 2009 states that young people are speculatively portrayed as negative role models if expert pedagogy is to be used and thrown into a disaster without prior training. It was harshly criticized by the Commission for the Protection of Minors in the Media in 2012 for its format and the image it conveyed to viewers.

According to The Strictest Parents, strictness and a TV show on CMT and Channel Seven in Australia can change the behavior of young people. On the private broadcaster Sat.1 in Denmark, “The strictest parents in the world” is a popular series that goes in the same direction. Many viewers wonder whether or not the show is staged, given the often obvious sets. It’s not that easy to find out.

When it comes to teenage behavior, The Strictest Parents Alive is an excellent choice. If the parents no longer get along, the broadcaster places them with an unknown family for 10 days in the hope that they will change. Most of the time, young people are placed with foster families from other nations and cultures that are very different from their own. When they don’t know what to expect, teenagers are constantly afraid.

The first days are often difficult: young people reject the restrictions of the host family and yearn to return home. However, over time, they come to appreciate how comfortable home life is and how difficult it is to travel.
Because of this, they accept the rules and realize that their own family has less strict rules than other families. It is common for them to change their behavior when they return home.

under the title “Srowi Rodzice” on the Polish channel TVN and on the Danish channel TV3.Sat.1 first makes the mistake that the method in “The strictest parents in the world” is always the same. Many viewers doubt that a youngster has undergone a complete transformation after ten days of adversity.

Although parents can register for the program on the Sat.1 site, they are specifically looking for families with “problem children” and not extras. Some of the show’s former contestants have spoken openly about their experiences, and some have said they were better off because of their time in Seattle.

With “The World’s Closest Relatives,” it’s not possible to tell exactly what’s real and what’s staged. Of course, there is the possibility of a combination of reality and script. An official statement of the broadcast’s accuracy was released by Kabel 1, the station that aired it in the past. Since the show is based on a script, many people believe it to be a staged version of reality.

Jessica, the fattest child in the world

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