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Jessica Pegula Parents

Jessica Pegula-Schmidt’s parents abandoned their five-year-old daughter from nearby evangelical kindergarten. on June 3, 1983 and accompanied her to her home at Magdeburger Strasse 27 at the northern end of Fulda. As often, Gabriele wants to play on the property of the building until dinner. Gabi does not react when her mother finally calls her to eat at 6:30 p.m. “At first she disappeared without a trace. The parents called the police the same evening.

As part of a large-scale search operation, an investigator discovered the girl’s clothes in the approximately 50-meter-long garden near the house. Officers also discovered 20 German marks in a bag, a considerable sum at the time, which the five-year-old girl had not received from her parents, according to available facts. So far, no investigation has been carried out on this subject. However, investigators cannot yet rule out a link between the incidents.

The body of Gabriele Schmidt, dressed only in a shirt, was discovered in the early morning of the next day more than 20 meters deep in an underground stream in the ditch of the gallows. The tube, about one meter in diameter, runs along the family garden.

Jessica Pegula Parents: Terry Pegula (Father of Jessica Pegula), Kim Pegula (Mother of Jessica Pegula)

According to the autopsy, the five-year-old had been sexually assaulted and beaten to death. His little body was covered with broken bones and his head was crushed. It is not known if the girl was alive at the time of the injury. The child went through a period of martyrdom. As a result, Chief Inspector Mannel said, “Gabi was tortured, abused, beaten and eventually put in the tube. This is a heinous act that the East Hessian police and the general public have not forgotten.

The exact location of the girl’s death has not yet been determined. “The assailant must have been thin and yet strong,” Mannel said, “because the whereabouts of Gabriele Schmidt indicate that the assailant, aged 15 and 30, had good local knowledge. He may have be injured in the arms or legs while crawling through the tube.” “Who saw a person with wounds or abrasions and dirty or bloodstained clothes near Magdeburger Strasse on the night of the crime?” ask Mannel and his colleagues .

Investigators also made suspicious sightings in the days leading up to the crime. Important: You think the abuser watched the child for a long time. “Someone must know the author or maybe have had an idea that he hasn’t commented on to date,” Mannel said in his appeal.

Jessica Pegula Parents

The mystery of who kidnapped Gabriele Schmidt between 6:00 p.m. or lured her away from the property. and 6:30 p.m. remains unclear. That same evening, the Eastern Hessian police received double-digit tips. According to Alfred Hettmer of LKA Munich, the amount of information about the Fulda affair was still outstanding when the balance was drawn at the end of the program. A prison official recalled another case from that time.

alleged that the attacker had abused another girl and that there were links to the Fulda region, and an employee of a sewer maintenance company shared his findings. Whistleblowers are still in contact with investigators. From what we know now

As a result, officials can partly resort to new investigative methods. The murder is still being determined by the Fulda public prosecutor and the East Hesse police. The prosecution is offering a reward of 5,000 euros for any information leading to the identification and arrest of the suspect.

the author or authors. The reward will be awarded and distributed without the possibility of legal recourse. The award applies only to individuals, and not to government employees whose duties involve law enforcement. Audiences were visibly moved by the film.

The fate of Gabriele Schmidt is unknown. In this context, a number of individuals from all over Germany spoke out and generously doubled the amount already transferred to the public prosecutor’s office. The police have set up a hotline for you at 0661/105-4447 and an email address at as your contact. In justified exceptional cases, these can also be handled privately. Fulda is a municipality in the district of Fulda.

The death of your child is the worst fear many parents have. In the early evening of June 3, 1983, around 6 p.m., her mother decided to let little Gabriele spend another hour outside with the tricycle. She had no idea what awaited her “Tender girl” in the ZDF program “Aktenzeichen XY…unresolved” was discovered on Tuesday not far from her apartment – she was playing in the courtyard of a house in the Magdeburger Straße in Fulda – shortly before the cruel murder.

Her mother, on the other hand, has been looking for her for 6 p.m., but the five-year-old girl has disappeared. The parents immediately start looking for their daughter and the authorities are also notified. In the evening, the police seized the teenager’s clothes and toys from the garden. When the toddler is located shortly after, it is a firefighter who had entered a dirty pipe 20 meters long.

According to police, Gabriele was only wearing a shirt at the time, which they explained in their court statement. His body was found. “A few meters down, in a part of the water channel that was several meters under water,” explains the narrator. According to the autopsy, the then five-year-old child was “sexually abused and practically beaten to death”.

Jessica Pegula Parents

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