Jasmine Wagner aka. “Blümchen” becomes a mother for the first time – and celebrates a divorce

“The greatest adventure begins now”

She also describes exactly how the desire to have children was born: “I have just returned from a long trip. We missed each other so much for the first time and knew we were ready for the next step. Then it worked right the first time, and both are very happy with it. The sex is already certain, but the future parents do not know it yet. They are “waiting for the right moment”.

She reveals about the father of her child: “He is very affectionate, we are both having this experience for the first time. The greatest adventure begins now.” Will there be a wedding after the birth? Wagner can imagine that. His partner has yet to ask for his hand – “but he can”, says the artist.

Just hours before Wagner announced her pregnancy, she celebrated her divorce on her Instagram account. This is now officially moved. In a post, she said, “Grateful for all the good things we’ve shared and what I’ve been able to learn as things have changed. Excited for all that awaits me now!”

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