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Jasmin Schreiber Freund-Hinterseer’s television appearances increased over the next few years and he became a regular guest on virtually every folk and hit music show. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he won the famous “Crown of Folk Music” six times. His commitment as an animator earned him the “Golden Romy”. His musical recordings have won 30 gold and platinum awards, a testament to his achievement. Few people can boast of sporting and musical exploits in their case.

Acting became a new mainstay in Hinterseer’s career as he appeared in more than a dozen Austrian films between 1996 and 2012. Except in Germany, Hansi Hinterseer was always well known throughout his career to be very simple and honest, both in sports and in music. and to devote himself fully to the things he represents.

In an interview, he said his family and those around him taught him the importance of “treating others decently, being honest and being 100% behind what you do”. shows the exceptional talent and versatility of the Kitzbühler.

While he was practically born to ski, his singing started with a chance encounter with Jack White at his own birthday party. Hansi Hinterseer’s career is an example of how success is always a combination of talent, genes, education and luck. Hinterseer surprised everyone in 2018 when he revealed he couldn’t read music at all.

Hinterseer is considered a true family man who appreciates his accomplishments in private and has written several books, including a collection of fairy tales. Michael Weidner is a digital marketing professional with over ten years of expertise. His passion is entrepreneurship and wealth creation. These personal interests inspired the creation of the Vermoegen.org site.

Jasmin Schreiber Illnesssuccessful professions. The Austrian started out as a highly successful world-class ski racer. After his sporting successes, he turned to music and has been a well-known folk singer, entertainer and actor ever since. Hinterseer was founded in 1954 in the beautiful town of Kitzbühel in the Austrian highlands.

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Skiing quickly became an important part of Hansi’s life. He had to ski part of the way to school. His father Ernst was Olympic champion in slalom in 1960 and urged Hansi to take up sports training. He immediately established himself as a talented member of the Austrian national ski team. In 1971, he made his World Cup debut at the highest level of alpine skiing.

Trained as a technician, he quickly specialized in giant slalom. At 19, he won his first World Cup in Canada. Hinterseer’s sporting career was short but intense: after his first World Cup victory, he won several others. In January 1974, he was particularly pleased with his top-three finish in the Kitzbühel World Cup slalom. At the same time, he won a silver medal at the 1974 World Championships in St. Moritz.

Only the Italian Gustav Thöni beat him in the giant slalom. Hinterseer finished third overall in the World Cup in 1973/74, making him one of the top three skiers in the world. Hinterseer had already won the Skiing World Cup in 1972/73 in his favorite discipline, the giant slalom. After these early successes, the Kitzbühler’s career came to a standstill.

His dismal performance in front of home fans at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck was particularly spectacular. He could no longer build on his youthful achievements and announced the end of his amateur career in 1978 at only 24 years old. For many years, Hinterseer was one of the most successful skiers in the world with World Cup and World Championship podiums.

After ending his amateur career, he dabbled in professional ski racing for a few years and had notable success in alpine downhill, which he had previously despised, becoming professional downhill world champion in 1982 and 1983. Hinterseer started a whole new career when he unbuckled his skis in the pro league. Hinterseer’s talent as a singer was discovered by music producer Jack White, who turned him into a folk and pop artist due to his skiing experience.

The melodic singing quality of his Bergheimat Hinterseer began his musical career with a performance in Karl Moik’s famous Musikantenstadl. A record deal with major label BMG resulted in the release of the long-running debut album “If You Love Yourself”, which stormed to the top of the folk music charts in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. “Traum with mir”, her second album, was also a big hit.

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