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Size of Jana Wosnitza

Size of Jana Wosnitza -Jana Wosnitza believes that the choice of the words “maybe” in retrospect was not appropriate for a Bunte reporter. Mayer had previously been accused of threatening him by phone over an article about his private life. Söder said Wednesday he would name a replacement as soon as possible. Bundestag deputy Stephan Mayer admitted having had a “very emotional argument” with a journalist from “Bunte” after his resignation as general secretary of the CSU.

At the same time, he filed charges against the journalist. Mayer wrote at the request of the German Press Agency: “I categorically deny the specific allegations. Mayer further claimed that the ‘manifestly illegal reporting’ sparked ‘a very heated fight.'” The ‘Bunte’ reporter , for example, called me “crazy” and that “they have already dealt with others”. the harm caused by the report of material breach of personal identity.

You don’t have to strain on Martin Huber, the new CSU General Secretary. His voice is strong, clear and tinged with a soft dialect at best. Huber has been a CSU member since 1995. Although he has been politically active for more than 25 years, the 44-year-old is one of the few.

Outside of the CSU and especially outside of Bavaria, there are well-known faces of the CSU. This should be the end. Huber is considered a down-to-earth person, but has also taken on duties at CSU headquarters. From 2008 to 2013, the married Catholic worked as Horst Seehofer’s personal assistant.

Söder had already selected him at the end of February as one of the two leaders of the new CSU basic program, and he wants to continue working on this. A description of Huber in the “Bayerische Staatszeitung” is titled “Der Schlaue” because Markus Söder claims to have entrusted the basic program to “a clever duo”.

The “smart ones” are Huber and his colleague Gerhard Hopp, who also writes thrillers for the state legislature. Huber is considered by the CSU to be a “contemporary conservative with an ecological touch” and therefore agrees with Söder. And when it comes to posting everything from Sunday roasts to photos from bike rides, their social media feeds have a lot in common.

According to the “state newspaper” report, Huber and his wife have just become parents to a daughter. The CSU was looking for a new general secretary after harsh allegations against politician Stephan Mayer led to his resignation. CSU member of the Bundestag, Martin Huber, was appointed to this post. The incident was described by Markus Söder as a “tragedy of humanity”.

Size of Jana Wosnitza

Following the unexpected resignation of CSU General Secretary Stephan Mayer, the CSU boss named Martin Huber as his successor on Friday, May 6, 2022. Mayer officially cited health issues as the reason for his departure. However, after an interview, a Bunten reporter accused him of threatening him over the phone.

A CSU member of the state parliament, will be his party’s new general secretary and successor to retired Stephan Mayer. As the German press agency in Munich learned from the participants, party leader Markus Söder made this personal decision on Friday in a standard of the CSU board.

v”We rely heavily on Bayern’s card,” Söder said afterwards. In view of the next regional elections in autumn 2023, it would be desirable for the secretary general to come from the regional parliamentary group. The simple line is that this is CSU’s strongest roster yet. Huber himself spoke of an enormous honor and responsibility.

Like Mayer, Huber comes from Mühldorf and belongs to the district association CSU Altötting. The married Catholic was from 2008 to 2013 personal adviser to the national head of the CSU, Horst Seehofer, so he knows the headquarters of the CSU. Huber has been a member of the CSU state parliament since 2013. Söder had previously chosen him, two people who are expected to set up a new CSU core curriculum by the end of February. Outside of CSU, Huber has yet to make a significant appearance. Söder said of Huber: “He shoots, he wants to. The secretary general requires excellent organizational skills.

Due to his proximity to the base, he must be able to talk and participate in parties. “It doesn’t hurt if he’s allowed to fight and bite,” Söder emphasized and added to Huber, “I trust you 100%, I trust you too.” According to Söder, the Bavarian cabinet also had potential candidates.

Agriculture Minister Michaela Kaniber has been mentioned as a possible general secretary. However, he does not want to leave a vacuum in the government, Söder said. Markus Söder, the head of vvvCSU, wants to present a new CSU General Secretary on Friday, May 6, 2022. The German press agency learned this from partisan circles. It’s 10:30 a.m.

Söder called a meeting of the party’s executive at short notice, the only item on the agenda being the presentation of the new general secretary, according to the statement. A press conference will take place at 11 a.m. to inform the public. Stephan Mayer, the former CSU general secretary, surprisingly resigned on Tuesday evening. It was not immediately clear who would succeed him.

On Thursday, the CSU circulated a list of possible candidates for the key post, including members of the Bundestag such as Daniela Ludwig and Thomas Silberhorn from the Bamberg district and Bavarian Agriculture Minister Michaela Kaniber. Söder’s choice of Kaniber would require a change of cabinet.

If he sticks to the existing regional system of proportional representation, an Upper Bavarian will have to hold the ministerial post. Stephan Mayer, the former general secretary of the CSU, announced his resignation after less than two months in office. In a written statement, the 48-year-old referred to the health conc.

Size of Jana Wosnitza

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