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Jana Windolph Alter

Jana Windolph Alter – In an interview with RTL, Jasmin Herren revealed a few days ago that after a long period of mourning for her deceased husband Willi Herren, she was now ready to return to work. She also addressed rumors of an extramarital affair. During their marriage, Willi allegedly cheated on her on several occasions. His ex-girlfriend and manager Jana Windolph also spoke. She doesn’t like Jasmine’s tendency to tell the world everything about her personal life. Jasmine’s actions don’t hurt me. “What woman would go public with such personal information about her infidelity, even after her husband’s death?” In an interview with the newspaper “Bild”, explains Windolph.

Jana Windolph Age: 44

Photos on her cell phone had already been given by Jasmin as a source of her knowledge of the case. RTL also spoke out shortly after Willis’ death at the end of April about an alleged affair of the former ‘Lindenstraße’ star. You can see the full extent of their relationship in the video below. Jasmin Herren’s last words worry Jana Windolph for the following reason: “Before she died, Jasmin had already left him and the divorce was in full swing. How can she explain to her unfaithful ex-wife what she went through? The women in Willis’ company must have realized that they never had him to themselves.

“There is no hope for Jana Windolph. The music promoter is on the verge of bankruptcy, the single mother is threatened with losing her apartment. In a moving interview with RTL, she reveals that “Freestage Artist Management” does not Hasn’t paid her for three months as promised. For ten years she was Jana Windolph’s manager alongside Ballermann star Willi Herren. They were a secret couple for almost as long. Exactly one year later the end of private happiness in 2016, there was a professional separation. We took over the “Freestage Talent Management” activity from Moritz Andersen in Unna with all contracts already signed.

Everything is properly regulated in a four-page contract. For example, “Freestage” agreed to pay Windolph 3,000 euros per month for 20 months, including commissions that would be returned to “Freestage” in the event of a change in management. Jana’s professional future should also build on this. However, it will take some time before a newcomer like her can establish itself in the market and turn a profit. About three months ago, “Freestage” boss Moritz Andersen abruptly stopped making these payments after almost a year. In total, nearly 20,000 euros were collected. Why?

Jana Windolph Alter

Uncertainty. After a series of questions, he finally called Markus Feldmann this evening: “It is a mistake that we owe Jana Windolph 20,000 euros because we have a different legal opinion. The contracts with Willi Herren are threefold and he does not fulfill his obligations under the terms of the contract. As for his contract with Freestage, Windolph sees it as a one-way street. Interestingly, the specialists we showed this contract to also agreed with Windolph’s claims. Jana Windolph lost money everywhere as a result of this dispute: Jana admits that she often pays her rent too late because she has borrowed money from several people.

In the meantime, Willi Herren has also parted ways with “Freestage”. Its current management team is called “Picture Puzzle Medien”. Markus Becker, a sought-after party singer, is also at odds with his former management, who worked with him around four years ago under Moritz Andersen. “You also worked as a security company for refugee families. Even if they didn’t know anything about music, it was too late for me to find out,” Becker said in an interview with RTL a few weeks ago.

He also feels betrayed by his homepage, which was moved to “Freestage” during the management takeover, but not returned after the split. Becker repeatedly attempted to reach a settlement without resorting to litigation; Now he has no choice. A problem that Jana Windolph also struggles with. One wonders if she will actually be on the streets with her son at Christmas. We are going to watch. Jana Windolph was shocked by the death of Willi Herren. The star’s ex-girlfriend and former manager said she was still in terrible condition and even spoke of a heart attack and emergency surgery.

Coventry – Willi Herren, 45, died in his apartment in Cologne on April 20, 2021, shaking the whole country. He was publicly mourned by many of his relatives and friends. Jana Windolph, his ex-girlfriend and ex-manager, remained silent for a long time. However, she admits that she has been in a bad mood since Willis died. Jana also recently had a heart attack and had to undergo emergency surgery, as tz de reported.

It was “almost a month ago” that Jana Windolph suffered the heart attack in her apartment, according to BILD. Although she admitted that she was stressed before the incident, the incident happened without any apparent signs. When she first felt pain in her chest, she also felt shortness of breath and nausea. “I couldn’t move,” she recalled of Willi Herren’s ex-girlfriend. Luckily my son Jan was home and was able to accompany me while I was taken to the clinic by ambulance. On this fateful day

I had emergency surgery at Weiberfastnacht and got a stent. She remembers this moment as a great shock to her memory. She is now fighting for her life and wants to start making music again. Luckily my son Jan was home and was able to stay by my side while I was taken to the clinic by ambulance. When I underwent emergency surgery on February 24, my stent arrived in time for the women’s carnival.

Jana Windolph Alter

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