Ivana Trump was found unconscious on the stairs: what did she die of?

The rescuers, who arrived a little later, should have observed the death of Ivana Trump on the spot. This was confirmed by two officials who are familiar with the processes. Police opened an investigation immediately afterward and have so far found no signs of a break-in to Ivana Trump’s home or any other clues to a crime. The New York Coroner’s Office has now confirmed that authorities have yet to determine whether a fall from the stairs could have resulted in death.

According to media speculation, a medical emergency also appears to be the cause of death. We talk about both heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest. Authorities are expected to release the results of the investigation into Ivana Trump’s cause of death in the coming days. Until now, nothing was known about Ivana Trump’s previous illness.

Who made the 911 call?

There have also been conflicting reports over who dialed the emergency call. The usually well-informed tabloid “TMZ” reported that one of its employees found Trump dead and immediately alerted the emergency services. Other reports indicate that Ivana Trump herself was still able to make the emergency call.

Your past hours and your future plans

The fact that Ivana Trump was active and fit to the end is proven on the one hand by her immediate plans for the future, but also by the reconstruction of her last hours. Shortly before his death, Trump visited his favorite Upper East Side Italian restaurant, Altesi Ristorante, just yards from his apartment. Owner Paola Alavian confirmed to the American branch of the British newspaper “The Sun”: “We had a normal conversation, as I had every day when I saw her.” You left an impression of “normal” health. “Maybe she looked a little tired, but other than that she was fine,” Alavian said.

According to other information, Ivana Trump wanted to go on vacation shortly. The American media are talking about a planned stay in the French city of Saint-Tropez on the Côte d’Azur. Her best friend, moderator and producer Nikki Haskell, has now confirmed this on the “Page Six” portal. As a result, Ivana would have liked to start her journey on Friday. Trump has traditionally spent a lot of time in the south of France.

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