Ivana and Donald Trump: their fierce war of the roses

Marla Maples: The actress is the second wife of Donald Trump. (Credit: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Taoray Taoray)

Divorce negotiations began in 1990, a few months later, and it was not until 1992 that the former lovers finally reached an agreement. Ivana had actually signed a prenup.

Ivana invented rape

But she was not happy with this: her lawyer called the document “unscrupulous and fraudulent”. Since Ivana had also contributed to the Trump empire with her work, she was entitled to more, the argument at the time. The divorce war dragged on — and repeatedly made headlines: Ivana claimed that Trump raped her during their 1989 marriage. She later admitted to fabricating the allegations on the advice of her lawyers.

Ivana Trump: She died suddenly at the age of 73. (Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for NYFW: The Shows)

Ivana Trump finally obtained a villa in Connecticut, a luxury apartment in New York, a one-time payment of 14 million dollars (the equivalent of approximately 13.8 million euros) and child support for her three children .

The press rejoiced at the bashing: In 2017, Trump recalled in his book how “insane” the media interest had been. “I couldn’t turn on the TV without hearing my name.” Even after the divorce from Donald Trump, her second by the way, she still made money with it. She has written several books about her experiences, including one titled “The Best Is Yet to Come: Getting Through Divorce and Enjoying Life Again.”

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