In bed Ralle mort

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In bed Ralle mort

In bed Ralle tot – The German factual soap opera Die Rübenbrüder celebrates its premiere in 2014 on VOX. Three episodes of the series “In bed!” TV series have already been released. Within a week, the gardeners and owners are responsible for redeveloping the grounds of the property. Claus Scholz decides which requests will be processed. Landscape master Ralf Dammasch gives recommendations to local residents and monitors their implementation on the site.

In addition to his work as an excavator driver, Henrik Drüen works as a machinist on construction projects. Gunnar Fichter, the youngest son of the Beet brothers, contributes to the success of the team in addition to his technical talent and his enthusiasm for the shovels. The Beet Brothers will transform the garden into a new garden fantasy for the owner during the planned 7-day restoration period.

After seeing them on television, a family from the Hunsrück reported “To bed!” Crew. They were approached in 2014 with an offer to help clean up an abandoned lawn behind their house. The idea of ​​growing a new garden for a family in seven days, with their participation and respecting their wishes, turned into a series of films and TV shows.

On June 8, 2014, VOX aired the first episode of the series. The program still airs at 7:15 p.m. Sunday evenings. The episodes aired on TV at 6:10 p.m. as of season four, but currently until 8:15 p.m. According to the company, the programs have a market share of more than 5% for VOX. Over a million people watch the show each time it airs. For the first time in their history, the Beet brothers failed to complete a garden in seven days in the third episode of season five. By the ninth day of the project, the rest of the work was complete.

On the eighth day of production, the team finished work on the sixth season’s seventh episode. Clauss’ broken foot, which he contracted on the eighth day on the job, played a part in this. The Beet brothers’ work shyness pales in comparison to his own. The difficult task could not be completed until the eighth day of the second episode of the seventh season, which took place on the eighth day of the second episode of the seventh season. Claus Scholz began his education as a child at the Waldorf School in Dortmund.

He then worked for a short time as a paramedic at the German Red Cross in Dortmund. He began studying biology in the winter semester of 2002 and graduated in the spring semester of 2012. Among others, Claus Schulz, hobby gardener and graduate biologist, and Ralf Dammasch, landscape designer, participated. Claus Schulz’s friend Ralf, also known as “Ralle”, and Detlef Steves, a trained locksmith, also contributed to this work.

Ralf Dammasch is a “garden guru” or “bed brother” with a passion for creative garden ideas and their implementation nationwide. We were now guests of the 54-year-old landscaper and dug with him in his 10,000 square meter garden. Claus Scholz, the event planner, is a German artist and event planner specializing in corporate events. The home gardener became a star because he starred in the VOX docu-soap “In Bed.”

Claus Scholz, a graduate scientist who also works as a performer and event producer, appeared on the VOX documentary series “Ab ins Beet!”. Initiatives in his own garden since 2007. He also helps Claus and Maren, an acquaintance of biologists who sometimes need help. Henrik Drüen works as a machinist on the construction site and drives an excavator.

In bed Ralle mort

Gunnar Fichter, the youngest brother of the Beet brothers, is the team’s technical support. He is the youngest child of the Beet brothers. He also enjoys driving excavators which is one of his hobbies. The Beet brothers created a new vision of the garden for garden owners during the planned 7-day conversion period. Due to family commitments, Henrik was unable to support his Beet Brothers in the summer of 2020 and therefore declined Gunnar’s earlier invitation to join the Beet Brothers for a limited time.

For the first time, the Beet Brothers were convinced that Gunnar was a worthy Beet Brother after this mission, as he looked forward to working with the boys every day and showing off his mechanical skills. He would have liked to continue the initiative with the boys and develop more gardens once his garden is finished.

Due to family commitments, Henrik was unable to help his Beet brothers in the summer of 2020 and Gunnar’s offer from earlier that year to help the Beet brothers was accepted. He can currently be seen in the sixth season of “The Beet Brothers” as an all-around shovel operator, where he comes up with a variety of gardening ideas with his brothers.

Claus, Ralf, Gunnar and Henrik Beet of the Beet Brothers on VOX. Claus Beet provided the photo. With a limited budget and lots of inspiration, graduate scientist Claus, gardening expert Ralf, newcomer Gunnar and excavator driver Henrik attempt to create new garden worlds in just seven days. At least that’s how “The Beet Brothers”, best known for their role in “Ab ins Beet!” believe it.

In bed Ralle mort

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