If you haven’t seen Avatar in theaters, you haven’t really seen it, says James Cameron

James Cameron is about to release Avatar 2 and in an interview he has gone back to basics about what is the right or wrong way to watch a movie. Well, who says a movie, says his movie, Avatarwhich returns to theaters on the occasion of the release of the second part.

The filmmaker has been quite clear: if in his day (or now in the revival) you didn’t watch Avatar in theaters, you haven’t actually seen the movie. Or at least the version of the movie that James Cameron has in his head. In an interview in the New York Times, Cameron has once again put on the table the difference between watching a movie at home or in a theater. And he’s not the first, but he won’t be the last.

For the director, viewers who have never had the opportunity to Avatar in a movie theater, as the canons dictate, they cannot say that they have seen it. He has also assured that the new version is spectacular.

For James Cameron, the only right way to watch Avatar is the cinema

Avatar 2
The interview can be read in full on the NYT website, but basically, Cameron refers to the fact that. Avatar was designed to be seen in theaters and is the only authentic way to see it. And he took the opportunity to boast about what a remastering it is, precisely, the one that has just arrived in theaters with the new revival:

Even if you think you’ve seen the film, you haven’t actually seen it. And I was pleasantly surprised, not only at how well it holds up, but how beautiful it is in its remastered state.

On the future of cinema, Cameron is betting that the streaming boom has been temporary due to pandemic reasons, but that thanks to the situation normalizing, it will gradually little by little people will go to the movies more because it is, in fact, their preference. Given the data on theaters and streaming, it seems that it is the other way around, but what do we know, we who like to watch Avatar at home.

We have a shift toward easy access at home that has a lot to do with the rise of streaming in general, and the pandemic, where we literally had to risk our lives to go to the cinema. People are looking forward to it.

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