How was she really? Confidants give different accounts

Trump was considered a strong and ambitious personality. That’s why Zuliani was very surprised when he saw her much more reserved about two weeks ago. “It was so sad to see her like that,” he says. “But even though she didn’t feel so good, she was still very nice and polite to everyone,” Zuliani continued.

“Ivana was not sick at all”

The restaurant owner’s report contradicts the accounts of Trump’s good friend Marianne von Brandstetter. The noble was friends with Ivana Trump for 45 years.

Marianne von Brandst├Ątter in 2001: she was a close friend of Ivana Trump for 45 years. (Source: Horst Galuschka/imago-images-pictures)

The death of her friend took her completely by surprise, reports von Brandstetter of “Bild”. “I almost fainted when I heard of Invana’s death,” she says. “We were still on the phone this week because we finally wanted to go on a trip again,” von Brandstetter continued.

According to her, Trump was in excellent health. “Ivana wasn’t sick at all. She was very healthy. Her dog was actually always sicker than her,” she says. Trump reported frequent visits to the vet.

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