“How can you still call it ‘My husband can’?”

The creators seem to be aware of the problem – and are attacking it aggressively. “How can you still call it ‘My husband can’?” Asks new moderator Daniel Boschmann straight away. After all, women can do anything. The problem with the show has always been the attribution to men. Must be an actor – or fail. Boschmann answered his own question offhandedly: “We use clichés without restraint, so the title is the least of the problems.” Here’s how to do it: openly admit the clichés to give yourself carte blanche.

Only celebrity couples in the new edition

Unlike the old regular episodes, in which normal couples competed against each other and celebrity specials were the exception, only well-known couples are at the start of the new season.

The couples of the first episode: host Daniel Boschmann with Amira and Oliver Pocher, Alexandra and Thorsten Legat, Stefan and Claudia Effenberg and Christiane Zimmermann and Niko Kappel. (Source: Willi Weber / Sat.1)

The famous men in the opening episode are ex-footballers Thorsten Legat and Stefan Effenberg, comedian Oliver Pocher and Paralympic shot put champion Niko Kappel. None of them is known to be the most senior equal opportunities commissioner in the republic. Although Boschmann describes Thorsten Legat as “Germany’s greatest feminist”. Because he writes (almost) every day a love letter to his wife. Which horrifies Oliver Pocher. He once left his wife a birthday message on an autograph card.

As usual, Claudia Effenberg, Amira Pocher, Alexandra Legat and Christiane Zimmermann, the companion of Niko Kappel, must bet on the performance of their men. To start, the men have to pile suitcases on a small van and drive it to the finish.

Alexandra Legat, Amira Pocher, Christiane Zimmermann and Claudia Effenberg rely on their men. (Source: Willi Weber / Sat.1)

The women come forward. Amira Pocher surpasses her competitors, she believes that her Olli is capable of ten suitcases. And that despite her husband actually having his issues with manual transmissions. Here, the show even subverts the clichés of the man as the motor understander. By the way, Oliver Pocher easily handles the task. Even without an automatic car.

Oliver Pocher, the “music dictionary”

In the second game, the comedian is allowed to play again. He is said to recognize 14 of the 16 summer hits, after all his wife calls him a “music dictionary”. A children’s choir performs the songs. However, the children do not sing the songs one after the other, but always two at the same time. Pocher is doing remarkably well, but only manages nine. Amira bet too high here.

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