House Of The Dragon : HBO has already ordered season 2 !

Contrary to its other original creations, the American network will not have needed several months to agree to produce the continuation of the spin-off of Game Of Thrones. The first episode of House Of The Dragon was indeed viewed by 20 million Americans and thus achieved the highest ratings of HBO!

This is only the number of viewers in front of their television and who resided in the United States, it is impossible to know the audiences around the world because it would be too complicated to aggregate data from all streaming platforms that broadcast the series.

With such a good reception from the public, the American channel may launch the production of other series derived from Game Of Thrones. Several rumors claim that a fictional movie featuring Jon Snow after the events of the eighth season would be under negotiation.

With a budget of twenty million dollars per episode, the success of the “House of The Dragon” series was almost assured. In addition, George R. R. Martin supervised the writing of the script and the casting is simply exceptional. We can only wait until tomorrow to binge-watch episode 2 of House Of The Dragon, which will be entitled “The Rogue Prince”.