Hotel For The Holidays : Madelaine Petsch will be the heroine of this romantic movie

Who has never dreamed of going to New York during the holidays? Madelaine Petsch and Mena Massoud will be the heroes of a romantic comedy that will take place in the city that never sleeps. The original title of the feature film is ” Hotel For The Holidays ” the fiction will focus on the daily life of the employees of a prestigious New York hotel.

Madelaine Petsch will play the director of the establishment, which welcomes people in search of calm, wishing to get away from their problems for a few days. Our heroine will find herself in spite of herself involved in two love affairs. First with the chef of the hotel (Mena Massoud) and then with a prince (Max Lloyd-Jones) who is in town.

Some photos of the feature film have been revealed but the release date on Amazon Prime Video has not yet been confirmed by the streaming platform. Normally it will be released before the end of 2022. As soon as there is any news, count on us to keep you updated.

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