Hasta El Cielo: The sequel of the movie is available on Netflix!

If you enjoyed La Casa de Papel or again KaleidoscopeThis new original creation is likely to please you a lot! The drama series is actually the sequel to the eponymous feature film released in 2021 (starring Miguel Herrán). “Hasta El Cielo: The Series” will feature “Sole”a young mother who has just learned that her husband has died.

Her husband was a notorious criminal who used to organize robberies. To provide for her son, Sole decides to take over and organizes her first robbery. She could have asked for help from her father who is one of the most powerful fences in Spain, but our young heroine wants to remain totally independent.

Hasta El Cielo – The Series : A nugget to devour exclusively on Netflix

The first images of the original creation reveal a series under high tension. Obviously, you will not have time to be bored in front of season 1, starring Asia Ortega. The 26-year-old Spanish actress was in the cast of the original film and more recently in the series ” Las Cumbres boarding school ” on Prime Video.

Hasta El Cielo – The series consists of only seven episodes which may go by as fast as the speed of light, especially if you like this kind of fiction that mixes chases, robbery and settling of accounts in the street.

Hasta El Cielo – The Series : Trailer

What is the release date for Hasta El Cielo: The Series on Netflix?

The original creation was released exclusively on the streaming platform with the red logo on Friday, March 17, 2023. For now only one season has been ordered but if the series manages to convince subscribers, then Netflix will not hesitate to produce a season 2. All that’s left is for you to go binge-watch Sole’s adventures. Enjoy the show!

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