Hasta El Cielo Season 2: Netflix has already planned the release date?

It was a great pleasure to watch the first seven episodes of this new original creation under high tension. Sole’s adventures are already exciting several million subscribers and it seems that a sequel is highly likely. Our heroine narrowly escaped but there are still tons of unanswered questions!

How will the relationship between Sole and Fernan evolve? What will our heroes do to regain the trust of the Colombians? Because these last ones will stop only after having obtained vengeance… Season 2 of Hasta El Cielo will have to answer all these questions but has Netflix already agreed to order a sequel?

Find out all the information we have on the release date of Hasta El Cielo Season 2 The Series (Netflix)

The streaming giant rarely orders several seasons in advance, but since this new series is the sequel to a successful feature film, it’s a possibility not to be ruled out. Currently, Netflix has not yet agreed to produce season 2 of Hasta El Cielo – The Series but the number of episodes that make up the first season seem to indicate otherwise …

Seven episodes for an original creation of this kind is quite few and one wonders if the series would not have been divided into two parts. The American company tries as much as possible to divide its original creations in several parts so why Hasta El Cielo would not follow the same way?

It is usually announced in advance that a second part will arrive soon but this was not the case with the fiction carried by Asia Ortega. We have consulted several Spanish media and unfortunately there is no information about a possible season 2 of Hasta El Cielo.

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Nothing to worry about for the moment since it is still too early to know if a sequel will be ordered. The actors have remained very discreet as well as the scriptwriters. However, it seems clear that the intrigue is far from being finished then if the fiction manages to realize good ratings, Netflix is bound to order season 2 of Hasta El Cielo: The Series.

What is the release date for Hasta El Cielo Season 2 on Netflix?

If a sequel was secretly filmed at the same time as the first season, then it should be released online in two or three months. On the other hand, if Hasta El Cielo season 2: The series has not been ordered in advanceso the wait may be very long! Between twelve and eighteen months at least.

The release date of the season 2 of Hasta El Cielo would thus be fixed at the end of spring 2024 assuming that Netflix decides to produce a sequel. This has still not been confirmed at the time of writing. Normally we have to wait between four and eight weeks before we can be sure of the fate of an original creation. We can only hope that our heroes will manage to convince the two hundred million subscribers of the American company.