Harry and Meghan at a romantic dinner in New York

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry in New York on Monday afternoon. (Source: Lev Radin / imago images)

“It has been my lifeline for most of my life, a place where I have always found peace and healing,” Prince Harry said. Recalling his mother, who met Nelson Mandela in Cape Town in 1997, he said he sought “solace” in Africa after Diana’s death.

But he also feels connected to the continent through Duchess Meghan. The pair first traveled to Botswana together in 2016, shortly after they met. There, Harry knew “that I had found a kindred spirit in my wife”.

Meghan and Gloria Steinem on a walk

Steinem chose an all-black outfit for the occasion, while Meghan appeared in an ensemble consisting of knee-length dress pants, a white blouse, a brown belt and also suede pumps Brown. The two women were holding hands.

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