GPT-4 is also capable of building iPhone apps

ChatGPT is the new technological revolution. Whether it’s explaining memes like an expert, or being among the top performers in university exams, GPT-4 has already managed to surprise us in a short time. Now, developer Morten Just used the power of AI to create an iPhone app. and, within minutes, the model has assembled a fully functional one, just as he wished. But it’s not the first time ChatGPT has done developer work; we’ve already seen him create a variant of the popular Flappy Bird and an entire web page.

Morten Just revealed on Twitter the instructions he gave to GPT-4 to get it to generate the application. “Hey, GPT-4, make me an iPhone app that recommends 5 movies every day. + trailers + where to watch.” He also asked to write the code in SwiftUI, Apple’s language.

In short order, GPT-4 was already throwing up lines of code that, once assembled, revealed a fully functional app. The most surprising thing is that it actually did exactly what the developer wanted. Morten took the opportunity to upload a video to Twitter showing the iPhone app in operation.

While the first build of this app had some problems, the developer asked GPT-4 to fix them. The AI model not only identified and fixed these bugs successfullybut also apologized after the trial was over.

GPT-4 surprised Morten greatly because of its diligence and orderliness. Instead of giving the same code over and over again with each requested modification, ChatGPT updated in sections. Thus, the developer only had to copy and paste in the desired area..

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If you want to take a look at the app, its name is MovieToday. Of course, it’s not in the App Store -yet-, but you can find its code at GitHub.

Ambitions with GPT-4 can be very high if you know how to use it.

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Morten is not the first developer to use the power of ChatGPT to generate code. A few months ago, a report claimed that Amazon workers were already employing this AI as a code assistant. Unfortunately, the company had to ask its workforce to stop this they were inadvertently leaking confidential company information that would later be used by OpenAI to train the chatbot.

But, imagine the possibilities if Apple were to integrate an AI like GPT-4 into their Swift Playgrounds or Xcode tool? The first reports that Cupertino is working on a language generation model have already started to come in. Thus, it may be that in a future version of these apps we will be able to enjoy a variant of the Designed by Apple by ChatGPT.