Gen V: The filming of the spin-off of The Boys is over!

After the huge success of The Boys, Amazon has decided to order a spin-off that will focus on superhero apprentices. The fiction will take place in a university where students must learn to master their power. Obviously, Gen V will keep the same tone as the original series. Eric Kriple recently said that the first episodes were: ” perverse, bloody with heart! “.

According to rumors, the plot of The Boys will influence the storyline of Gen V, which is expected to take place in the same period. It is not yet known whether actors from the original series will appear in Gen V, but it is not impossible that the young teenagers will meet their idols. Maybe the Protector will tutor some of the students!

The filming of season 1 is finally finished and normally the spin-off will be released in early 2023. This information has not been confirmed by Amazon but many rumors say that the series will be scheduled in January or February 2023 …

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