From ring star to reality TV

René and Maria Weller: She doesn’t want to be forgotten. (Source: Marianne Müller/imago-images-pictures)

Boredom? Anyway, a foreign word for Weller. Born in 1953 as the son of a boxer, Weller joined the local boxing club at the age of twelve. He funded his first groin protector by selling his stamp collection and it was not until two years later that he faced the greatest defeat of his life when his father died prematurely of cancer.

The Golden Man”

By the time he turned pro in 1980, the 1976 Olympian had fought a total of 355 amateur fights, winning an incredible 338. But what was even more important than all the hooks, jabs and evasive maneuvers was that he created an image for himself which also made him popular outside the ring. “I had to be noticed to become popular,” Weller recalled. “Who in Germany would be interested in a normal lightweight boxer?”

René Weller: The boxer was a dazzling personality. (Source: ZIK Images/imago-images-photos)

So he called himself “Golden Boy”, wore glittering shorts in the ring with strong messages on the hairstyle and foam mustache, posed half-naked with thick gold chains on motorcycles, sang the “René Weller Rap ” in 1985 and played the main role in the feature film “macho man”. The media had already named Weller “beautiful René” and the womanizer was happy to accept this role. “I’m the only German who looks better naked than dressed,” he said.

four years in prison

In 1983, he won the world super featherweight championship by defeating American James Ortega in the first round. A year later, Weller became European champion and lost only the fifth defense of the title against eventual WBO champion Gert Bo Jacobsen. It was the only loss of his professional career.

The five-time ‘Boxer of the Year’ later called his arrest and his 1999 arrest a much worse bankruptcy. Among other things, Weller was sentenced to seven years in prison for receiving and trafficking cocaine, four of which he had served.

From boxer to reality TV star

After his release, Weller dabbled in acting, a musician, a boxing trainer, an entertainment show host, and dabbled in various reality TV formats. In 2005, he managed to get kicked out of the “Big Brother” village after only a week: he introduced his roommates with his bare buttocks. He was later seen twice at the ‘Perfect Celebrity Dinner’ on Vox and in 2016 he took fourth place with his partner in the ‘Summer House of the Stars’.

René Weller in action: As a boxer, he was a star. (Source: Weihs/imago-images-photos)

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