‘Fernsehgarten’ viewers are bothered by sexist comments

“Why only men grill? Because Neanderthals don’t let women access the grill,” one Twitter user sarcastically comments. “Why so many men barbecue: men love fire,” a viewer suggests in a similar vein. A surfer agrees: “More men are grilling because: Uga!”

“Because the nails might break”

The statements of television chief Ralf Zacherl did not improve the situation either. He suspected that there would be so few women at the grill “because you get your fingers too dirty or your nails might break”.

A ban for many viewers: “Oh, it’s not sexist, is it?!” A Twitter user gets angry. “Along with the women and cricket comments, you can also play ‘Layla’ without censorship,” the controversial song alludes to. “If ‘Layla’ is going to be ‘de-sexed’ for the TV garden, then Kiwi should revise her lyrics as well,” read another comment.

Exactly what DJ Robin and Sch├╝rze’s “TV Garden” appearance will sound like, which version they’ll be performing “Layla” in, and how Andrea Kiewel will comment on it all will be revealed on July 31. Further discussions on this topic are already inevitable.

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