Fakes: A little nerd becomes a terrible forger on Netflix!

If you enjoyed ” How To Sell Drugs Online “, then Fakes is the series you must watch this weekend on Netflix. It all starts when Zoe decides to make a fake ID for herself. Contrary to what one could think, it is not to buy alcohol but to have access to university documents which would enable her to become the best student of her high school and thus to obtain a prestigious scholarship.

When her best friend finds the fake ID, she offers to buy her one for four hundred dollars! Zoe and Becca decide to start a small business that will unfortunately take on immeasurable proportions… The first season of Fakes is already available on Netflix.

Fakes: A traffic of false identity cards that goes wrong on Netflix

The business of our two heroines will quickly grow as Zoe manages to make almost perfect ID documents. This will attract the attention of several “competitors” and also that of the feds who will launch an investigation. The original Canadian creation is composed of ten episodes whose format is close to that of a sitcom since each episode has a duration ranging from 20 to 28 minutes.

Fakes has a lot of potential and the way the story is told could seduce subscribers who will probably binge-watch the series in one evening. Emilija Baranac (To all the boys I have loved) should attract a large audience after the huge success of the three films in which she is the heroine on Netflix.

Discover the trailer of Fakes (Netflix)

The first images have already accumulated almost 700,000 views on Youtube which suggests a huge success of audiences for Fakes. The reviews are extremely positive and subscribers seem really excited to watch this new Canadian original.

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Who is in the cast of Fakes on Netflix?

The two best friends will be played by Emilija Baranac and Jennifer Tong (Grand Army, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow). They will be able to count on the character played by Richard Harmon (The 100, Darkness Fall) who will help them to develop their small traffic. There will also be: Matreya Scarrwener (Love made to measure, Van Helsing), Mya Lowe (Charmed, Yellowjackets) and Eric Bempong (2 Hearts, Supernatural).

What is the release date for Fakes on Netflix?

The American company has already released the ten episodes of its original creation. Thus, you can already go binge-watch the adventures of Zoe and Becca since the release date of Fakes has been scheduled for Friday, September 2, 2022 on Netflix. You can also discover all our information about the episode 3 of Rings of Power.