Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2 : Netflix has already revealed the release date?

The series has been airing for a few days and many of you have asked us if the season 2 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo had been ordered by the platform of streaming with the red logo. It should be noted that the adventures of Woo Young Woo have achieved exceptional audiences around the world.

The drama has actually become the eighth most watched non-English series of all time on Netflix! Since it is not an original creation, the American company will not have a say in it, but rest assured, the South Korean channel has already agreed to produce season 2 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo and a release date has even been set!

We reveal all the information we have on the release date of Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2 on Netflix

The series was renewed several weeks ago following the excellent ratings of the episodes. Extraordinary Attorney Woo seduced the subscribers of the streaming platform but also the viewers of the Korean channel ENA where it has established a new record of audiences! The adventures of our young lawyer gathered more and more viewers every week until the airing of the sixteenth episode which put an end to the first season.

The production company has announced that an American remake could potentially see the day. The proposal from the United States is currently being studied and there is no reason for the Korean channel to decline this offer. Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2 has been officially ordered but the production will not start for a long time …

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The schedule of the actors is very busy and according to our information, the shooting of the next episodes will not begin for several months. The real challenge for the producers will be to manage to coordinate the actors’ schedules since they absolutely want to bring back the whole team! Normally, the main actors have already agreed to resume their roles in the season 2 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Several rumors state that ” Good Doctor “ could soon have a spin-off called ” Good Layer ” and will feature an autistic lawyer. Is this the famous remake of the Korean series or is it a project that has nothing to do with it? For the moment we do not have the answer to this question.

The number of episodes of season 2 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo has not been revealed yet by the South Korean channel but normally the sequel should be at least as long as the first season.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Season 2: The trailer will be available when?

The CEO of the production company mentioned the release date of season 2 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo and unfortunately the wait may be extremely long. Do not expect to see the trailer of the season 2 before the beginning of the year 2024 in the best scenario …

What is the release date for Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2 on Netflix?

According to the many rumors circulating in South Korea, the release date of Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2 will be in 2024 ! So we will have to wait more than a year before we can follow again the adventures of our favorite lawyer.

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As we explained to you previously, the shooting won’t be able to start before a long time because the actors’ schedule is very busy since they are engaged on other projects. So see you in 2024 to binge-watch the episodes of the season 2 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo.