Erol Sander’s Illness 2020 –

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Erol Sander disease 2020

Erol Sander disease 2020 – Urçun Saliholu, a German-Turkish actor, is called Erol Sander. Istanbul homicide detective Sinan Toprak was a popular character in the detective series. Erol Sander, then five years old, arrived in Munich from Turkey in 1973 with his mother and sister.

After graduating from high school in Munich, he studied economics and politics at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich. Models like Dulce and Dior went to Paris in 1990 to work for Armani.

In Paris, he met Oliver Stone’s sister, Caroline Goddet, and they married in 2000. Sander studied acting alongside modeling.
Erol Sanders’ disease is the German-Turkish actor’s real name. Istanbul homicide detective Sinan Toprak was known in the underworld for his reputation as an untouchable lawman.

After graduating from high school in Munich, he embarked on a career in business and politics with his studies. Models like Dulce and Dior traveled to Paris to work for Armani.

He then met Caroline Goddet, daughter of French director Oliver Stone, in Paris and they got married. In addition to modeling, Sander also studied acting. After four years of relationship, Erol Sander and Caroline Goddet got married in Munich.

After that, everyone in the upper echelons of society paid attention to her. After more than 20 years of marriage, he has two children. The couple have been through a tough time, but a new chapter has begun south of Munich.

The family is currently on vacation in Munich/Starnberg with their two dogs and a little boy. Actor Erol Sander and his wife Caroline Goddet were murdered in the country exactly one year ago. The couple reconciled after a three-year flower war and immediately filed for divorce.

After hearing their son Elyas’ desire for a similar dialogue with the stars in the sky, his parents embarked on a journey to Paris, where they were both models, to find a place to reconnect with the universe. . a happy ending.

Erol Sander disease 2020

In order to put the past behind them and start afresh, the family decided to move to a new place. One of the city’s best-known residential square meters was also a frequent scene of battles. This led to the announcement of a top-floor apartment sale by Erol Sander. It is also doing well in the market right now.

After all the public announcements, it was impossible. Hatred and conflict are no longer intertwined. TV personality Erol Sander is looking for a partner near Lake Starnberg. The tz claims that Erol and Caroline Sander have been living with their son Elyas in Starnberg since August.

Marlon’s son went to Paris to study. Sander bought a multi-story house with a garden on the property for Elyas, three huge dogs and a free-roaming hamster. A fresh start in a beautiful lake setting with the Alps in the distance.

Starnberg in particular is a viable option due to his notoriety and relative anonymity. Finally calm returns. Beyond the fake friends who have been drawn into the war of the roses by spreading panic, making false claims or offering apologies like Erol Sander and Caroline Goddet did a year ago.

Caroline, probably a victim of infidelity, had filed a complaint against her spouse. For this to work, however, it takes a lot of love in the connection.

He was also accused of neglecting his family by neglecting his son and his home while working as a star and lead character in the coveted ARD series Murder Commission Istanbul and as a sought-after luxury goods model.

His mother and five-year-old sister traveled to Munich from Turkey for a vacation. Last year, Erol Sander’s anti-aging and natural cosmetics line was launched and he continues to perform in theaters.

Homicide Istanbul was due to air its final episode in South Africa after the ARD announced filming on the Bosphorus was politically impossible. Thailand served as the filming location for the final two episodes of the series.

Then came Corona, which completely revamped everything. Luck has found a new home in the beautiful town of Starnberg with its people and a beautiful lake, where new ideas are born.

In the vicinity of Starnberg and Munich not only a great beach and mountains await you, but the whole region has a lot to offer. Former pillar of German television, actor Erol Sander has disappeared.

He appeared in the current season of Let’s Dance with Marta Arndt, a greedy profiteer. In the fifth episode, broadcast in mid-April, the actor, born in Istanbul and now living in Munich, had to say goodbye. It will be exciting for the fans on Saturday night.

Erol Sander disease 2020

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