Entrapped Season 2 : Netflix has already planned the release date?

The end of the first season is far from positive for Andri who will be incarcerated in prison for two years for manslaughter. Our hero shot Bergur while he was suspended and even if during the trial everyone testified in his favor, it was not enough …

If season 2 of Entrapped is ordered by Netflix. It will probably start with a time jump of several years because if Andri is behind bars, his life is not likely to be very exciting. So has the streaming giant already agreed to direct a sequel?

We reveal all the information we have about the release date of Entrapped season 2 on Netflix

At the moment, the streaming platform with the red logo has not yet agreed to finance six additional episodes. The adventures of our heroes could therefore stop here but this has not been confirmed by Netflix. It is therefore possible that a season 2 of Entrapped will be ordered soon but for the moment the negotiations have not yet begun and this is quite normal.

As you probably know, Entrapped is actually the sequel to the series “Trapped” whose first two seasons are available on Netflix. By producing this new original creation, the American company has taken a risk and certainly wants to ensure that fans will respond before renewing the series.

We’ll have to wait several weeks before a decision is made about the future of Andri, whose fate will depend on subscribers. Nordic dramas are generally very popular so it is highly likely that Netflix agrees to produce season 2 of Entrapped.

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Entrapped season 2 trailer to be released soon?

Even if Netflix quickly announces that the series is renewed, Entrapped season 2 trailer won’t be released until early next summer ! A series of this kind requires several months of preparation and the writing of the script, the shooting, the post-production are very time consuming phases!

What is the release date for Entrapped season 2 on Netflix?

Assuming the streaming platform decides to order the season 2 of Entrapped. The wait will be long, so don’t expect to see Andri again for at least a year. Moreover, it will be necessary that the two principal actors accept to take again their roles…

The release date of season 2 of Entrapped on Netflix should therefore be in September or October 2023. This is only an estimate and we will have to wait for the American company to make an official announcement to know when the sequel of the series will be put online.