Duchess Camilla celebrates her 75th birthday: for her birthday, she shines in a floral dress

There is also a new photo on the profile of the Duchess and her husband. On this one, she is seated at a garden table, in front of her a cup and a bowl of fruit, and she is wearing the same dress as in the previous photo.

Duchess Camilla: Your family publicly congratulates the royal. (Source: Instagram/clarencehouse)

Prince William and Duchess Kate are also congratulating the birthday child via social media. In addition to a photo showing Camilla in a flower meadow in a dress and vest, they also wish you a happy birthday.

Duchess Camilla: She became a member of the British Royal Family through her marriage to Prince Charles. (Source: Instagram / Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)

Like “Hello!” reported, Camilla is not expected to have a big party this year. Instead, she is spending the day with her husband and may invite her children, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Lopes, for a “little family dinner”.

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