Diary of a Gigolo : Another hot new series on Netflix?

The streaming giant has well understood that original erotic creations are almost certainly a hit with the audience, so why deprive yourself ? Diary of a Gigolo will feature the talented Jesús Castro in the skin of an escort boy who accepts a very special mission.

One of his clients asks him to seduce her daughter so that she gains self-esteem. The problem is that our hero is going to break a crucial rule: not to fall in love… So how will this relationship end? Answer in the first season of Diary of a Gigolo on Netflix.

Diary of a Gigolo : 10 episodes under high tension ?

The new fiction will be composed of ten episodes for the greatest pleasure of the subscribers. After the huge success of “Under the Ember ” which is by the way the second most watched series in France on Netflix, ” Diary of a Gigolo ” is likely to set the streaming platform on fire ! The subscribers seem to really appreciate the series coming from Latin America since they almost systematically achieve high ratings.

After a very complicated childhood, the hero of the new original creation was saved by a rich businesswoman (Minou) who decided to take him under her wing in order to teach him the profession of escort. The character played by Jesús Castro lived a rather fulfilled life until a regular client asked him to seduce her daughter. Obviously he accepts this mission with pleasure but when the relationship becomes too deep, the client wants him to disappear … Unfortunately no return is possible.

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Diary of a Gigolo : Discover the trailer of the first season

The French version has not yet been uploaded on Youtube since the series has not been dubbed in French. You will have to watch the fiction in VOSTFR (Version Originale Sous-Titrée en Français).

Who is in the cast ?

Jesús Castro (El Niño) will play the main character of the story, we will have the pleasure of discovering by his side: Adriana Barraza (We are the heroes), Begoña Narváez (Club de Cuervos), Francisco Denis (Jack Ryan), Eugenia Tobal (Killer Women) and Fabiola Campomanes.

What is the release date for Diary of a Gigolo on Netflix?

If you can’t wait to binge-watch all ten episodes of the first season, we have great news for you: the original creation is already available on Netflix. The release date of Diary of a Gigolo has been set for Wednesday, September 7, 2022The complete episodes are available since 9:01 am in France.