Devil in Ohio Season 2 : Netflix has already planned the release date?

So it’s not the cult that brought the white roses to the ball, Mae has been up to no good all along and the Thanksgiving meal might not go as planned. The original creation was announced as a “mini-series” by Netflix but then why such an ending?

The last episode is far from closing the plot, with the revelations of the last few minutes we clearly imagine that season 2 of Devil In Ohio is in preparation but is it really the case? The scenario of the book on which the fiction is based could clearly allow to stage a sequel. However, it will first be necessary that Netflix gives its agreement …

We reveal all the information we have about the release date of Devil in Ohio season 2 on Netflix

The new original creation is based on the bestseller by Daria Polatin who worked on the direction of the series so why did she come up with such a cryptic ending? How will Suzanne manage to keep her cool during the meal with Mae? Will she tell him what Detective Lopez has taught her? And what does this altar in the woods mean? Season 2 of Devil in Ohio must be produced but currently the streaming giant has not given its agreement.

According to our information, Netflix has only ordered eight episodes so we’ll have to wait several weeks before we know if a sequel will arrive soon. It’s impossible to understand why the drama has been classified as a “mini-series” but we really hope that it won’t end like this… It has happened in the past that a mini-series has been renewed so there is still hope!

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Devil in Ohio season 2 will be ordered only if the original creation manages to convince viewers but there should be no problem on this side because we know how much subscribers are fond of series in this genre. By the way, if you are on this article it is probably because you enjoyed the drama and wanted to know if a sequel would be released soon.

Devil in Ohio Season 2 : The trailer will be available soon ?

If the original creation is renewed, then we will not see Emily Deschanel and Madeleine Arthur again for several months. The production of such a project will require at least a year’s wait for the eight new episodes to be ready for release. Devil In Ohio season 2 trailer will not be released until early summer 2023.

What is the release date for Devil In Ohio season 2 on Netflix?

Devil in Ohio season 2 release date to be set in September or October 2023 in the best case scenario. Since Netflix has not pre-ordered additional episodes, it will be at least a year before we can know Mae’s real intentions. Don’t forget that for the moment the series has not been renewed which means that technically the season 2 of Devil In Ohio might never be staged