Devil In Ohio Opinion: The series you shouldn’t miss on Netflix?

The original creation was put online Friday on the streaming platform with the red logo and has been a huge success since. It is currently the most watched series in France on Netflix! The return of Emily Deschanel in the adaptation of the novel written by Daria Polatin is therefore a great success since subscribers are clearly under the spell of the former heroine of Bones.

If you haven’t heard of Devil In Ohio yet, you should know that the drama tells the story of Suzanne, a psychiatrist who decides to temporarily adopt a teenage girl who has been victimized by a satanic cult. By trying to help this young girl who is completely lost, the character played by Emily Deschanel puts her whole family in great danger.

Devil In Ohio : Discover the opinions of the subscribers (without spoilers)

Devil In Ohio may be the series of the moment, but it seems that subscribers are not buying the storyline at all. We are having a hard time finding positive reviews for this drama. How can a shrink decide to bring a girl who has just escaped from a cult back to her family? It is true that it is a rather special behavior but without that the series would not have any more sense! We leave you on the few reviews that we have selected on the web :

I found a new series called Devil in Ohio on Netflix. It’s very intriguing with sinister tones. If you’re looking for something to hold your attention, I highly recommend giving it a try.

For heaven’s sake…Devil in Ohio. Not a single likable character… and a clichéd satanic cult story. I stopped the last episode before the twist because it was so obvious and lazy.

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I just finished watching Devil in Ohio on Netflix, and besides being a clichéd, uninteresting story, the thing that stood out to me the most was the nastiness of the characters towards an abused girl. The epitome of self-centered suburban behavior, unbearable.

I just finished Devil in Ohio, I don’t know who’s crazier, Mae or the mother, like you’re going to let a girl you don’t know who’s clearly in a cult in your own home putting your family in danger?

You guys have to watch Devil In Ohio. It’s such a fascinating series that it makes you want to watch it over and over!

The whole team did it right!

I really wanted to refrain from commenting on it, but I have to say something. This series is a master class in terrible writing, just awful. So hate it! That’s my advice. Watch it to make fun of it.