Devil in Ohio: A shrink takes in the victim of a satanic cult on Netflix

A young girl (Mae) is found on the side of the road completely disoriented, the doctors can’t figure out where she came from but a pentagram carved into her back has them very worried. A psychiatrist (Suzanne) decides to take in the teenager in order to offer her a proper recovery and to prevent her from becoming the property of the state.

It turns out that the little girl was living in a satanic cult and her arrival in Suzanne’s home risks breaking up her family. Mae begins to live a normal life and becomes more and more popular at school, but strange things are happening around her … So, is it Devil in Ohio aroused your curiosity ?!

Devil In Ohio : Emily Deschanel is back for our greatest pleasure !

The heroine of the fiction will be interpreted by Emily Deschanel that we were anxious to find since the end of the series Bones. Devil In Ohio is based on the novel of the same name written by Daria Polatinthe direction of the original creation was entrusted to the latter.

The thriller consists of eight episodes that have already been released on Netflix. The scenario is exciting so what are you waiting for to go binge-watch Devil In Ohio ? Maybe it’s because the trailer will definitely convince you.

Discover the trailer of Devil In Ohio

Impossible to know Mae’s true intentions until you watch the first season of Devil In Ohio but one thing is certain: Suzanne’s family is in great danger, especially her three daughters…

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Devil In Ohio : Who is in the cast ?

Suzanne’s husband will be played by Sam Jaeger (The Politician), it is Madeleine Arthur who was selected to play Mae. Then we will find in casting of Devil In Ohio Gerardo Celasco (Murder), Alisha Newton (Heartland), Xaria Dotson, Naomi Tani (The Baby-Sitters), Djouliet Amara (Superman & Lois) and Jason Sakaki (Prom Pact).

What is the release date for Devil In Ohio on Netflix?

Devil In Ohio is currently available on the streaming platform with the red logo. It is therefore possible to binge-watch the thriller imagined by Daria Polatin, the latter is waiting for you! The release date of Devil in Ohio was planned for Friday, September 2, 2022 at 9:01 am on Netflix.