Detox: A French comedy worth watching on Netflix!

How could we live without new technologies today? Have you ever managed not to use your smartphone for 24 hours? The two heroines of Detox have decided to challenge themselves to give up the internet for a month!

The first images of the original French creation reveal a light-hearted series that fans of Plan Cœur will probably love it. So if you want to have a good time in front of a no nonsense series, Detox is the fiction you need !

Detox : Give up the internet to forget your problems ?

Léa (played by Tiphaine Daviot) can’t get over a painful breakup and can’t stop spying on her ex on the networks, hacking into his e-mails … But when he decides to file a complaint for harassment, she must absolutely overcome this addiction.

This is good timing because her roommate is the target of mockery on the networks and decides not to use his smartphone to avoid falling into depression. The two friends then take the initiative to live a month without internet but is it really possible in 2022? Answer in the first season of Detox whose six episodes are already available on Netflix.

Discover the trailer of Detox (Netflix)

Digital detox won’t go so well The digital detox won’t go as well as the two friends had hoped, but it will allow them to get closer and reconnect to the essentials. So are you willing to try to give up screens for a few days? In any case it is clearly not possible on our side especially since the first episode of the series “The Rings of Power” arrives tomorrow on Amazon!

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Who is in the cast of Detox on Netflix?

The two heroines will be played by Tiphaine Daviot (In Family, Almost …) and Manon Azem (Friendzone, Hashtag Boomer). We will also have the pleasure to find in Detox Oussama Kheddam (Family Business), Charlotte De Turckheim (Murders On Belle-Île), Zinedine Soualem (Honorary citizen) and Héléna Noguerra (Cassandra).

What is the release date for Detox on Netflix?

The streaming platform has planned the release date of Detox on Thursday 1er September 2022. The six episodes of the fiction are already present on the catalog of the American company. You just have to go binge-watch this new little French nugget.