Destiny: The Winx Saga Season 3: Netflix has already planned the release date?

Bloom almost destroyed Alfea but thanks to the help of her friends, she was able to regain control. However, after that our heroine realized that the dragon flame was far too dangerous and decided to join her mother in the shadow realm … By closing the portal, Bloom saved the world but she also had to say goodbye to Sky.

After a declaration of love and a beautiful kiss, the teenager passed through the portal and sacrificed herself for the sake of her loved ones. So will we be able to witness the meeting between Bloom and his mother in Season 3 of Destin: The Winx Saga Or is the story definitely over? Answer below.

We reveal all the information we have on the release date for season 3 of Destin: The Winx Saga on Netflix

The second season was much better than the first, it is a successful bet for the streaming platform with the red logo that should quickly renew its original creation. Currently, the season 3 of Destin: The Winx Saga has unfortunately not yet been ordered by Netflix.

It seems that the creator of the series has the hope to stage a sequel since the last minutes of the seventh episode let us see a meeting between Bloom and his mother. In addition, evil forces are potentially still present in Alfea. The adventures of our heroines are thus far from being finished! The American company had waited one month after the launch of the first season to confirm the renewal of the fiction

That implies that we are going to have to wait a few weeks before knowing if Netflix will agree to produce season 3 of Destin: The Winx Saga. From our side, we believe that there is a great chance that new episodes will arrive soon since the fiction is very appreciated by subscribers who were looking forward to the return of the fairies!

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In an interview for Fangirlish, Paulina Chavez (Flora’s interpreter) said that she really wanted her character to get even closer to her friends in Season 3 of Destin: The Winx Saga : Obviously she’s grown a lot in this season and I want to see her deepen those relationships with the girls and I think it would be very impressive and important for the women to stick together. 

The producers and the other actors of the series remained for the moment The producers and the other actors of the series have remained rather discreet about the season 3 of Destin: The Winx Saga but we should have some news in a few days. As soon as the renewal has been confirmed, this article will be updated immediately.

Destin: The Winx Saga season 3 trailer to be released soon?

Since Netflix has not yet given its approval regarding the renewal of the drama, the wait may be long. The trailer of the season 3 of Destin: The Winx Saga will probably not be released until the end of next summer! Normally, the production of an additional season would require at least ten months of work. The production of the second season has been delayed by the health crisis but this should not be the case with season 3

What is the release date for season 3 of Destin: The Winx Saga on Netflix?

Breathtaking special effects, an exciting plot and a young but very talented cast: all the ingredients are there for subscribers to be under the spell of the new episodes. All that’s left is to wait and if the ratings are satisfactory, then Netflix will order the sequel of its original creation.

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If a decision is made soon, then the release date of Destin: The Winx Saga will be set in September 2023. This is just a guess, but we know that the streaming giant prefers to space out the new seasons of its dramas by a year except when the production is delayed by external factors obviously …