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Deborah James English Wikipedia – Deborah James, BBC host and podcaster, has been credited with raising millions of pounds for charity in the fight against stage IV colon cancer. James, 40, set up a Just Giving page to raise money for clinical trials, research and awareness of the disease after announcing this week that she had switched to palliative care at home.

Downing Street confirmed on Thursday night that she would be made a Dame for her inspirational humanitarian work, saying: ‘The Queen is pleased to endorse Deborah James to be given the honor of Damehood. “If ever an honor was fully deserved, it is,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Deborah was a role model for so many, and her honesty, compassion and courage gave them strength.

“Through her tireless campaigning and openness to sharing her experiences, she ensured that many people did not feel alone with the Big C.” I hope Deborah and her family can do something about this recognition from Her Majesty, which is no doubt supported by the whole country to find solace. My thoughts are with them and I want Deborah to know that she has the love and gratitude of the whole country.”

Expressing his gratitude for the award, James said his fundraising for Bowel Babe “exceeded all expectations”. After setting up a Just Giving page, she’s already raised her initial £250,000 goal for Cancer Research UK more than 16 times, and she explained that she “would like to raise it to $5m by the end of the week. -end”.

“I don’t know what to say,” she told The Sun. “I am completely surprised and honored.” I don’t think I deserve this. I cannot express how much this means to my family; There’s a lot to digest.” After Prince William and Kate donated an undisclosed amount to the podcast host’s fundraiser, Prince William and Kate paid a moving tribute to James earlier this week, stating that their prayers are with her and her family.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge praised the BBC presenter on Twitter, calling her efforts to raise awareness about the disease “incredible”. “Every once in a while someone wins the hearts of the nation with their zest for life and unwavering desire to give back to society,” William and Kate said in a personal tweet.

Deborah James German Wikipedia

“@bowelbabe is one of those unique personalities. Her tireless efforts to raise awareness about colon cancer and eliminate the stigma associated with treatment are admirable. We are heartbroken to hear her latest news, but we are thrilled to sponsoring @bowelbabef, which it will do among other things to support the @royalmarsdenNHS.” Our hearts go out to you Deborah, your family and friends. Thank you for bringing hope to so many cancer patients. TOILETS.” James was treated at the Royal Marsden Hospital, which is one of his endowment recipients and is sponsored by William.

The touching letter comes after James sobbed in an interview last week, recalling the “difficult conversations” she had with their children about her death. In a devastating post on Instagram Monday 10 was left.” She said this during BBC Breakfast on Tuesday morning: “I’ve always said I don’t want to leave a stone unturned and I don’t think that there is a stone that we have not tried to turn to reach again my liver and my body works.

“Unfortunately I’m exhausted – completely tired. We’ve come to a point where I can’t help anymore.” I have a wonderful family that I adore. To be honest, they’re amazing, and all I wanted to do was come here and relax and know it was okay.” As she described her agony preparing for her death, she brought tears to tears. James, but she assured her children that they would be “surrounded by love” and “beyond cared for”.

She continued, “Over the past week, I’ve had some extremely difficult conversations. ‘How can anyone have such conversations?’ you wonder. So you’re right in the middle. People are nice, but you’re talking about your own death, and I’ve had five years to prepare. “It’s hard. Its pretty hard. I know that I can trust my husband because he is the most beautiful man and my family too and I know that my children will be well taken care of and surrounded by affection.

“As a mother, you always worry about the safety of your children. And my children will be fine. But that doesn’t mean I won’t waste every opportunity I’ve had with them.” The BBC podcast host said the last six months had been “heartbreaking” but she had been surrounded of ‘so much love’ and I ‘didn’t regret it’ Deborah James is a cancer campaigner and former deputy principal of London.

She has contributed to several magazines including The Sunday Times, The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Times, Grazia, Women’s Health, Marie Claire and The Independent. She has also appeared on BBC Breakfast, Lorraine, Sky News, Victoria Derbyshire, Stand up to Cancer and The One Show, and is the presenter of Nurse You, Me, And The Big C and author of the bestselling book F*** You Cancer, a self-help guide to living the best life despite cancer.

Deborah James German Wikipedia

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