Cathy Hummels goes completely makeup-free

“No makeup, no shishi and no toothpicks in the truest sense of the word,” Cathy wrote under this post. And indeed: the “Battle of the Reality Stars” host looks very natural on this recording. She directs the line to her son: “You are my world!” She embellishes the post with the hashtags “family” and “recharge yourself”, as well as “recharge yourself”.

A nod to the last few weeks? Rumors continued to swirl that she and husband Mats might have separated after all. A recent interview she gave to the “Bunte” threw more fuel on the fire of speculation. Asked about the keyword “divorce”, Cathy replies: “I wanted to do everything to have a happy marriage, I organized family life on a daily basis, holidays, quite simply. […] I loved my husband very much and always wanted to take care of everything perfectly, but it didn’t last like that.”

Anyway, Cathy is getting a lot of compliments from her followers for the no-makeup look. “Nice picture of you two,” says one user. “A beautiful and honest photo,” commented another follower of the social media star. Another: “You shine so beautifully!” And those comments should make Cathy shine again.

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