Carolin Kebeku’s parents

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Carolin Kebeku’s parents

Carolin Kebekus Parents -Carolin Kebekus grew up with her mother as a social worker and her father as a bank clerk in Cologne-Ostheim. David Kebekus, his younger brother, is also an actor. A graduate of the Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium in Cologne in 1999, he began his career as a journalist. Friday Night News co-producer Hugo Egon Balder allegedly persuaded her to take an acting class during an internship. 1 Live was the site of Kebekus’ internship in 2002.

In April 2006, Kebekus became a household name thanks to their Friday Night News parodies of Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz, which led to threats and insults from the band’s supporters. The show ran on show heute from September 2006 to February 2013 until it was canceled in December last year. A parody film in which Kebekus calls on Cardinal Joachim Meisner to become pope was shown in February 2013. One of the German bishop’s representatives tried to stop the episode from being shown, but was unsuccessful.

Kebekus’ satirical music video for “Dunk the King in Kebekus!” was not shown by WDR during the Einsfestival in June 2013. Kebekus wrote the lyrics in rap form for the video, in which she plays the role of a nun and licks a crucifix: “Quand il est ma bank”, I strip just for him and “God is the funk; Jesus is the shit and if you don’t believe it then shit.” Sexual abuse by the Catholic Church was also mentioned.

When Stefan Raab learned that Kebekus had called his show “mutilated”, he advised him to complain to future WDR director Tom Buhrow and demand creative independence. “Of course it had been declining for three weeks, WDR: “We don’t want to be so young either. This will likely be the band’s last time performing. on the allegations of censorship of Kebekus on television and on the allegations of self-censorship of the Tagesspiegel,

The WDR explained that he “couldn’t take it that way” because he was raised by employees of the show. The station is a beacon of tolerance and liberality, and as such the religious views of its listeners are held in high esteem. “After lengthy editorial and legal deliberations, those responsible for the show have decided not to air the film.

Carolin Kebeku’s parents

Kebekus could work together in the future – “our doors are definitely open.” Kebekus was the target of around 100 complaints. Kebekus was a member of Ingo Appelt’s Friday Night News moderating team, and the show was a huge success. The UA Working Group – a response is requested. The comedy chat show on Comedy Central included her as a guest panelist, and she appeared as a parody of Jennifer Lopez on Friday Night News, RTL Comedy Night, and other shows. What do you think ?

Quatsch Comedy Club and Fritz & Hermann are among the venues. She was a permanent cast member of the improv comedy show Frei Schnauze. She made her acting debut in 2008 on RTL’s WunderBarwith. The Wedding Crashers was a comedy show that aired on ProSieben in 2009.

in which Kebekus, Max Giermann and Hanno Friedrich pranked wedding guests. Since the second season of Broken Comedy, she has hosted the show’s sketches and appeared on stage as a regular cast member.
In 2007 Kebekus appeared in the movie Vollidiot as a supporting actor. She is a member of the band De Imis and the comedy duo 2RoomKitchenDieleBad with Rüdiger Brans. She made a memorable appearance at

Comedian Rolf Schmid performs at the 19th Arosa Comedy Festival. Ghetto Kabarett, their debut album, was released in 2011. It was part of the show’s relaunch that same year. Pussy Terror, her first stage show, has been on tour ever since. In early April 2014, it aired on RTL. In Hanni & Nanni 2 (2012) she plays Professor Mrs. Goethe.

Actor Kebekus has been part of the “Today Show” since 2013. In the WDR program Zimmer Frei! on June 2, 2013, she appeared. When WDR first broadcast Kebekus, shown at the Einsfestival on June 5, 2013, there had been controversy over a previous unaired broadcast of church satire, which is why Kebekus ended the partnership with WDR.

As the successor to Dieter Nuhr at the German Comedy Award, Kebekus took over the direction of the awards ceremony in 2014 and 2015. From 2015 to 2019 she appeared with Pussy Terror TV on WDR. On February 12, 2017, he represented North Rhine-Westphalia in the 16th Federal Assembly for the election of the Federal President as a member of parliament from his party. In February 2017, Kebekus had his first lead role in the feature film, Take Her, a version of the French comedy Mama vs. Father.

Kebekus uses his voice to speak out against right-wing political beliefs and gender discrimination. On her PussyTerror TV show, in guest appearances on Die Anstalt and elsewhere, she identifies as female.

The Carolin Kebekus Show, in which Kebekus appears, has been broadcast on ARD since 2020. She has been a jury member of the reality show ProSieben FameMaker since September 2020. Vocal trio Beer Bitches, who recorded their debut album in autumn 2018 and sings only on Kölsch.

Carolin Kebeku’s parents

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