Bushido babies have the federal president as godfather

But what’s behind celebrity endorsement? It has nothing to do with Bushido’s fame, but with the size of his family. From the seventh child, the Federal President supports the honorary sponsorship of the offspring. Parents can also apply for multiple children.

“Has great emotional value to us”

Anna-Maria and Bushido did it “officially and in a very bureaucratic way”, as the 40-year-old told RTL. It is a special honor for her and her husband. “It fills us with pride that our triplets each have a certificate from the Head of State. This has great emotional value for us,” she said.

(Source: Instagram/Bushido)

Frank-Walter Steinmeier probably won’t be at the door at Leonora, Naima and Amaya’s upcoming birthday bash. “Honorary sponsorship has above all a symbolic character. It cannot be compared to the sponsorship of a baptism”, indicates the official site of the federal president. The gesture aims to highlight “the special importance that families and children have for our community” and to help “reinforce the social prestige of large families”.

In total, Bushido and Anna-Maria have seven children together. Their daughter Aaliyah was born in 2012, and a year later the singer’s sister Sarah Connor gave birth to twins Djibrail and Laila. Son Issa was added in the summer of 2015, followed by triplets in November last year. Anna-Maria also has a 20-year-old son from a previous relationship.

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