Boxing legend Rene Weller admitted as head of clinic: ‘The condition is extremely dangerous’

In July 2021, he went public with his dementia. Today, a year later, René Weller is in hospital. “The only real way out,” said his wife.

Exactly a year ago, René Weller made his dementia public. At the time, his wife Maria told the newspaper “Bild”: “René is not well”. Now, a year later, concern for the former boxing legend is growing. The 68-year-old man is hospitalized. As the newspaper reports, Weller was admitted to the main clinic at Heidelberg University Hospital.

“He couldn’t do anything alone anymore”

“It literally slipped through my fingers,” his wife told the newspaper. Her husband “could no longer do anything on his own,” she continues. “I didn’t dress anymore, barely walked, was shaking all over and didn’t know anything anymore.” The clinic is “the only real way out. And I know he’s in good hands there.”

Maria and René Weller: In 2013, the two said yes. (Source: imago images / Hartenfelser)

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