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Ben Becker’s Daughter

Daughter of Ben Becker – Germany was deprived of culture last year. Although there were a few outdoor events throughout the summer, we’ve come a long way from the carefree days of yore. Is it even possible to compare the coming summer with the last…? As a cultural worker, Ben Becker, a well-known theater actor, was severely affected by the corona pandemic; his last appearance was in March 2020.

Ben Becker’s first concern is therefore his daughter, no matter how difficult the forced break is for him. Lilith Becker, Ben Becker’s 20-year-old daughter, is going through an exciting time in her life. Your puberty is over, but you are not yet of legal age. You can do whatever you want, but there is always some level of puppy protection you can call on. Even if you have already acquired an idea of ​​how life works, you still have a mad dash ahead of you.

At least that’s how it works when everything goes as planned. A lot has certainly changed since the corona pandemic. Indeed, most young people do not fall into the risk category and therefore do not have to fear serious illnesses. Of course, these people are also affected by the increasingly strict security measures in our daily lives over the past year, which have made it almost impossible to manage tasks that were previously possible.

He tells Bild am Sonntag that his daughter’s generation is “slowed down” because of the lockdown. Everyone is affected by the pandemic, and competing to see who suffers the most is counterproductive. However, it is undeniable that youth is a fleeting state.

Especially those who have been looking forward to the time after high school for years, who are planning trips abroad or further education, who have been eager to leave home and start their adult life, miss a stage of life many generations ago. taken for granted.

When will young people catch up with this time, wonders Ben Becker? He was puzzled. “Thinking back to my beginnings, I don’t want to forget this moment in my life lesson.

“Think of her like a character from a soap opera. Then I would throw a tantrum,” he says there. The actor, who was last seen in the birthday “Tatort” with Ulrike Folkerts, made a clear statement. Ben Becker is a German actor, voice actor and singer who works for film, television and radio. In 1995, the adaptation of Joseph Vilsmaier’s novel, Schlafes Bruder, made a breakthrough .

Ben Becker’s Daughter

At this point, he has acted in over 80 films and television shows, as well as a number of theater productions. Ben Becker comes from a long line of designers. Brother of Meret Becker and nephew of Jonny Buchardt, he is the son-in-law of Otto Sander and the son of Monika Hansen and Rolf Becker. Claire Schlichting, her maternal grandmother was an actress and her father was a dancer. Becker’s parents divorced when he was ten and he grew up with his grandparents. He grew up with his mother and stepfather in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin.

Becker’s autobiography Na and, ich tanze was published in the fall of 2011. Since saying yes in 2012, Becker has had a daughter with his wife, whom he welcomed into the world in 2013. Becker has started his acting career as a child. Appearances in radio plays and short films.

From 1985 to 1987, he was a machinist at the Schaubühne in Berlin and also took acting lessons in Bremen. He then got his first job at the Ernst-Deutsch-Theater in Hamburg. In the role of Ferdinand in Schiller’s Kabale und Liebe at the Staatstheater in Stuttgart in 1991/92, he moved to the Schauspielhaus in Düsseldorf, where he played in Romeo and Juliet at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg in 1993/94.

In 1999 he played Alfred Döblin in a Berlin Alexanderplatz production at the Maxim Gorky Theater in Berlin. In Bash: Plays of the Last Days at the Hamburg Kammerspiele, Becker portrays a murderous child who, sitting alone in a chair, recounts his crime. This play was directed by Peter Zadek. The film was described as “sorely good” by Spiegel Online at the time.

Actor and voice actor Becker was the narrator for Ben Hur in the 2009 Arena Live theater production in countries where German is the primary language. Tod im Jedermann was played by Becker at the Salzburg Festival from 2009 to 2012. Becker first rose to fame on the big screen in 1991 with “The Serbian Girl”. As the pompous German friend of the Serbian title heroine, he took on this role with flying colors.

In 1992, he played the role of Peter, the love of the protagonist, in the film “Schlafes Bruder” by Joseph Vilsmaier in 1995. In 1997, he played singer Robert Biberti in the film Comedian Harmonists. His friend and cameraman Peppi Streich filmed him in wrestling gear on the streets and bars of Berlin in the 2005 trashy art film Santos. The actor who portrayed reformer Martin Luther on the big screen as part of a 2007 television documentary called Luther: Fighting the Devil starred.

“Tiger or what women love!” with Herbert Knaup and Susanne Lothar as the pimp “Tiger” was written and directed by Niki Stein in 2008. For the arte NDR/2013 documentary “Münchhausen – The Story of a Lie” he played Hieronymus Carl Friedrich von Munchausen. The Wolf and the Seven Hostages is a 2016 TV movie about Wolf Marx, a psychotic kidnapper he played. As Ralf Müller, a West Berlin command officer who works for the Stasi, he appeared in the 2017 ZDF three-part series The Same Heaven.

Ben Becker’s Daughter

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