Ben Affleck puts an end to rumors about his return to DC: “I’m not interested”.

Ben Affleck will not be directing any projects in the new DC Extended Universe. His name has been one of the most closely associated with the franchise and its restructuring, starting with the arrival of James Gun y Peter Safran. Both creatives were brought in by Warner Bros. Discovery to give another meaning to that film saga. One that Affleck is not interested in.

The actor played Batman during the last years of the DC Extended Universe. His role, within the franchise, was focused on integrating different characters to form The Justice League. This version was more referential, as a mentor and guide. This, as opposed to the version of Christian Bale in the saga The Dark Knightmuch more active.

When thinking about the restructuring of the DC Extended Universe, the name of Ben Affleck emerged as an option to return to play Batman, to appear in a new reality and even to direct one of the projects. James Gunn had made no further reference to the actor and, after presenting the first stage of his project, the possibility of Affleck being part of it was put, if possible, even more in doubt.

Ben Affleck is promoting Airhis next film together with Matt Damon. This film will explore the story behind the relationship between Michael Jordan and the sports firm Nikeat a time when both parties did not have the prestige they enjoy today.

Ben Affleck’s statements about his future in the DC Extended Universe.

During an interview given to The Hollywood Reporterthe actor talked about several issues. Among them, the possibility of returning to DC was mentioned. In this regard, he commented:

I wouldn’t direct something for (James) Gunn at DC.. Absolutely not. I have nothing against him. He’s a good guy, I’m sure he’s going to do a great job. He’s just, I wouldn’t want to come in and lead the way they’re doing it.. I’m not interested in that.”
Ben Affleck, a The Hollywood Reporter

Resolved any kind of rumor regarding Ben Affleck and DC. Apropos of his words, it is valid to make the following interpretation. The DC Extended Universe that the actor knew was a much darker one than the one that, apparently, would emerge from the ideas of James Gunn and Peter Safran. These creatives have emphasized the intention of renewing different aspects of the franchise.

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ZnyderVere and Warner Bros. Discovery: justice league.

This may represent giving a more humorous, perhaps less formal, tone to several stories; as well as dealing with the exploration of characters uncommon to the general public. This is likely to be the approach that Ben Affleck does not identify with. Over the past few years, the DC Extended Universe was questioned for lacking a clear structure and for offering productions that were unsatisfactory in both aesthetic and plot aspects.

The first project of this new DC Extended Universe is. Superman Legacy. This film is under the responsibility of James Gunn. It is expected to be released, as officially announced, on July 11, 2025. For its part, Airdirected by and starring Ben Affleck, will be released on April 5.