Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are married

They wanted to walk down the front aisle, but their love fell apart. Now Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez would have said yes.

Exactly 20 years after his first marriage proposal, Ben Affleck knelt before Jennifer Lopez again in April. Last year, the actor and the singer, whose first relationship broke up in 2004 before the wedding, celebrated their great return to love. And this time, they probably didn’t want to waste any time walking down the aisle.

The couple received a marriage license Saturday in Clark County, Nevada, according to court documents disclosed to TMZ. This is required in the United States to officially say yes. Benjamin Geza Affleck and Jennifer Lynn Lopez, according to the names on the papers, reportedly did the same.

Small ceremony in Las Vegas

According to the report, the couple got married in Las Vegas on the same day. Details of the wedding are not yet known and nothing has been officially confirmed. However, the American magazine “People” claims to have learned from relatives of the stars that the ceremony was “super, super small”. “Jennifer’s mom and kids were there. They just wanted to get married, so they got married,” an unidentified source said of the celebrity couple.

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