Beef : Discover the first images of the Netflix series with Steven Yeun (Glenn in TwD)

The new Netflix original creation will feature the exceptional Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and Ali Wong. They will respectively play Danny and Amy, two strangers who, after having had a fight in a parking lot, embark on a quest for revenge without limits.

They didn’t know each other at all, but a minor altercation that normally has no consequences may lead to their downfall. The two heroes of “Beef” are thirsty for revenge and will do anything to get it. It’s one of the many character traits they share. Amy and Danny both run businesses, except Danny’s business is on the verge of bankruptcy, while Amy’s is a success story.

So how far will the characters played by Steven Yeun and Ali Wong be willing to go? Answer on April 6, 2023 on Netflix, when the first season of “Beef” will be online. While waiting for the beginning of next month, know that the American company has just shared the trailer of the second season of Sweet Tooth!

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