Ballermann’s other lyrics are so dodgy

The sudden discussion of the song is also surprising since such lyrics are quite common on Ballermann. It is sometimes even clearer than in “Layla”. For those who want to see for themselves, t-online has collected ten more Ballermann hits with thematically similar lyrics:

HORN! feat. Deejay Matze – “Anna-Lena”

For the duo HONK! and Dejay Matze it was not “Layla” but “Anna-Lena”, which obviously justified his own song by his appearance. The songwriters were particularly taken with cons and eyes. “Great ass, great look, great play, Anna-Lena,” Ballermann guests can roar with them. Before the lyrics get too demanding, the rest of the chorus is all “Whoa-oh-oh-oh.”

Artist HONK! is no stranger to Ballermann. Already in 2017 he celebrated a hit with “Hello Helmut (other color)”.

Ikke Hipgold – “Big Boobs, Potato Salad”

So that the Ballermann is not too heavy at the bottom, Ikkehihigold decided in 2014 to also sing on the front of the woman. Hip Gold landed a hit with “Big Tits, Potato Salad”. In case the oft-repeated phrase “Big tits, ole” didn’t spark enough excitement among German audiences, the composer also added what is probably Germany’s favorite barbecue side dish.

Hip Gold knows how success works in Mallorca. With “I’m still swaying”, he landed another hit last year. He was also involved as a producer on “Layla”.

Jack Gelee – “She’s built well up front”

As often, the theme of the song is explicit. On the instrumental of the prince’s song “It’s all been stolen”, Jack Gelee sings: “Because she is well built in front (eo) and she has super long legs (eo), and that she looks very dirty (eo), I’d like to be alone with her.”

With his statements on the female bust, Jack Gelee was one of the most successful newcomers to Ballermann in 2018.

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