Ballermann’s hit “Layla” should also take off internationally

In Germany, it is already on everyone’s lips. Now the Ballermannsong “Layla” should also become internationally known. Manufacturers are planning new versions.

For several weeks, the festive hit “Layla” has topped the German single charts. The song by the DJ duo Robin and Schürze is as successful as it is controversial in this country. Ever since the city of Würzburg banned the song from the Kiliani folk festival because of its allegedly sexist lyrics, the discussion about how to deal with the musical work is stirring emotions.

If the creators of the song are successful, Puffmama Layla should now also take off internationally. “When we saw that the song was very, very well received in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we thought we wanted to see how it all developed,” Schürze reports to “Bild.”

“Layla” in English and Dutch

“We have now also sung the song in English and Dutch,” DJ Robin told the newspaper. “There are a lot of Dutch people who run in our evenings in particular. And the Dutch also have a lot of après-ski at home”, continues the artist.

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