Ballermann’s Controversial Song “Layla” Gets a New Version

Now DJ Robin and Schürze give in: After their Ballermann hit “Layla” was banned from the events, “Puffmama” should now disappear.

A song is currently causing debate throughout Germany: “Layla” by DJ Robin und Schürze is too sexist in the eyes of the city of Würzburg and has therefore been banned from the local folk festival in Kiliani. Munich’s Oktoberfest followed suit on Thursday, and the controversial song won’t be heard there either.

The performers defended the lyrics in an interview with t-online. For her, it’s all about humor and irony – and above all about music supposed to spread good humor. The duo don’t want to offend or humiliate anyone with “Layla.”

“Puffmama” becomes another mom

But now the artists are giving in a bit – in the form of a new release. “The performers and lyricists Schürze and DJ Robin are working on a children’s version which should be released in the fall”, reveals Ikke Hipgold, also star of Ballermann and producer of “Layla”, in an interview with RTL. His motivation: “We see that there must be another version because the little children also hear the song and we need a softer version.”

Ikke Hipgold: He’s been one of Ballermann’s most sought-after stars for years. (Source: imago images / JF)

As it stands, the lines “I have a brothel and my brothel’s mother’s name is Layla. She’s prettier, younger, hornier” should become a bit of a different mom’s story — and especially adult -: “I have a Woof and the name of the dog mom is Layla.”

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