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Bagusat family

Bagusat family – The Bagusat family considered skipping their interview after the race. Four Nations Special 2Japan, Spain, the United States and Germany all competed in the second Four Nations Special. Casselly set the best time of all the competitors in the first leg. With three points, Germany scored the most points in this round. Casselly failed on the cliffhanger in stage three.

Germany scored two points in this end. In the end, the United States and Germany tied for first place. In the fourth stage, they clashed. Going up the rope to climb a second slower than the American Drew Drechsel, Alexander Wurm lost the decisive fight. Germany finished second. Germany’s Ninja Warrior 5 Casselly reached the Ninja Warrior Germany 5 final for the fourth time in his fourth appearance. This time he has mastered the second stage, avenging his previous failure in Season 4.

However, he failed in stage three due to the time bomb and finished third behind sport climbers Kim Marschner and Alexander Wurm. Despite losing to Alexander Wurm in the Power Tower fight for an automatic ticket to the final, Casselly would finish third in the semi-finals and advance to the final for the sixth consecutive year.

This time he would return to the third stage, getting revenge on the time bomb and eliminating the third stage with the addition of a rest bar between the obstacle and the flight bar, bringing him to the fourth stage. Moritz Hans was the first to tackle the stage, clearing the 20m rope climb in 1.08 seconds, meaning Casselly needed to be faster than the time remaining to win the tournament.

Casselly would attempt the rope climb at a fast pace and cleared the level by 2.99 seconds, making him only the second competitor from Ninja Warrior Germany to take the overall win. Casselly deserves the €300,000 prize for clearing the stage faster than Hans. Moritz Hans, meanwhile, would win a cash prize of 25,000 euros. At SASUKE 37, René Kaselowsky acted as the German representative.

He was the first German to compete in SASUKE. He started by dialing number 88. He was able to complete the first leg, but the Soritatsu Kabe needed two attempts due to leg fatigue from the previous obstacle. His time remaining was 4.05 seconds after completing stage one with a somersault. He also passed stage two with a time remaining of 11.46 seconds. He zoomed through the third stage, albeit mastering the new cliffhanger dimension with his motors disabled and showing no signs of struggling at the vertical limit. He then overcame the pipe slider with ease using only his left leg and a bit of momentum, propelling him to the final stage alongside Tada Tatsuya. He put all of his €300,000 winnings from NWG6 into his animals and park.

Bagusat family

Kaselowsky comes from a circus family with seven generations of elephant performers. Therefore, he specialized in acrobatics and floor exercises. At the age of six, he performed for the first time in a circus festival in Romania. René Casselly and his family received the Clown d’Or for best circus act in 2012 at the age of 15 at the Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo, the most prestigious circus festival in the world, held in Monaco every January. The René Casselly family opened Kimba Elefánt Park in Töltéstavá, Hungary in June 2021.

The amusement park includes the Kimba Cafe restaurant, a children’s playground, bumper cars, a carousel and a petting zoo. With the opening of the park, René Casselly was one of the stars of season 2 of Ninja Warrior Germany in 2017, along with parkour and freerunning athlete Benjamin Grams. He reached the final. In the end, he failed on the cliffhanger on the third stage and finished second to sport climber and student Moritz Hans. The Hans family has “retired” from circus tours.

His Magic Monkeys team René Casselly, Simon Brunner and Denise Pirnbacher had a tough time in 2017, but surprisingly won Team Ninja Warrior Germany’s first season. Germany’s Ninja Warrior 3 Casselly reached the finals of Ninja Warrior Germany 3 for the third time. This time he failed on the floating boards of the third stage, a hurdle earlier than last time. On his way from the last board to safe ground, he lost his footing.

Four Nations Stage 1 Great Britain, France, Spain and Germany were all present for the first Four Nations stage. The German team easily dominated the competition. In the final phase, the two nations with the most points, Germany and Spain, faced each other. In the fourth stage, Casselly represented Germany and won by climbing the 20m rope faster than his Spanish opponent Eric López. Ninja warrior team.

Germany 2René Kaselowsky, Simon Brunner and Stefanie Noppinger from his Magic Monkeys team took on a new all-female set. Although Rene Casselly has been suffering from a training injury on his foot since the start of the season, causing him visible problems, the team was able to repeat their success. Germany Ninja Warrior 4 Casselly reached the Ninja Warrior Germany 4 finals for the third time in his third appearance, but fell back to seventh place after failing Leaps of Faith in stage two.

Bagusat family

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